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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Santa Claus with Gifts
Santa Claus with Gifts

Christmas brings to our mind gifts, greeting cards, church celebrations, cakes, Christmas trees and decorations. In addition to all this, one prominent figure shapes our definition of the festival and that is our very own ‘Santa Claus’. He has been the one for whom the kids wait to receive their surprise gifts and indeed Santa never disappoints. Little they know that their own parents most often or some good soul plays the role of this benefactor. Today for an instance I decided to play in my mind the role of Santa Claus, the gifts I would distribute and to the people I would reach to. Since this is a mere thought funds do not matter and there are no limitations to my imagination.

The first place I would go to is traffic signals of Delhi and give 100 Rupees note to all the kids who are begging for alms. At least for today they need not worry where the bread will come from. I pass by these young children everyday while driving across the city and feel a sense of pain and sadness for them. The world beyond my car window is so starkly different. I am dressed well and have a heater on to keep myself warm, in contrast the beggars are scantily clothed, under nourished and look from one vehicle to another for their survival. I know poverty is a vicious cycle but when basic benefits of a society are not provided to its citizens I feel cheated. To eat less is acceptable, to not clothe well is understandable, to be not able to afford luxury is still ok but to still fight for the very basic needs of food, cloth and shelter is deplorable. So all you unfortunate kids for this one day come and take this money and feed yourself well.

The second place I would go is to all the women of this ‘civilized society’ and distribute to them arms and gadgets for self-protection. Every other day my morning gets spoiled reading about a woman who gets murdered, assaulted or tortured. I ask all you ‘guys’ out there will there an end be to this pervert behavior?? Did you forget that we all were not manufactured in a factory but were conceptualized in a womb that gave us life, shape and form. The same female species protects you as a mother, wife, sister or a friend but doesn’t feel safe after doing so much. As a Santa Claus I give all you ladies the power to protect yourself and obliterate anyone who endangers your safety and existence. I will not mind reading in newspaper that few men are killed every day by females who had to save themselves from their murderers and assaulter's.

Last but not the least I will play Santa for my family and send them wishes and give them my time. They are the ones who do not long for gifts or surprises. All they want is my presence without the garb of ‘Santa Claus’.



The Narcissist said...

The spirit of christmas brings people together. I hope you became closer to your family :)

JK said...

The problem with Santa Claus is that the modern world has used Santa Claus to replace Christ from Christmas. The discipleship of Christ should be the paramount message of Christmas.