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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Deepawali 2014

Courtesy : Google Images

The flicker the glimmer the sparkling skies,
Everything bathing in colorful lights.
The festival filling hearts with delight,
Giving us so many reasons to rejoice.

Mood is upbeat and smiles all around,
Joys bubbling with effervescence abound.
Kids running helter skelter making sounds,
Enjoyment with family and friends well found.

Spread sweets , share gifts and gesture kind,
Renew the ties between the hearts inclined.
It's all about relishing the moments combined,
Finding meaning to life with festivals to remind.

May this Diwali be brighter than ever,
Rewarding you for all your endeavor.
Ganesha's favor remain with you forever,
Goddess Lakshmi's abundance to pamper.

I wish you and your family the festivals of lights,
Make it big with blessings of the divine.
May you be happy, healthy and prosperous
Your life is a plateful and sumptuous.

Happy Deepawali 2014 !!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A happy kid makes a healthy home

It seems like the entire fulcrum of my happiness has shifted to my toddler who is going to be three soon. His ways are innocent, charming, fresh and full of love for the two people he has started relating as mom and dad.  Our world is small, yet so expansive with this beautiful gift of god and he is the binding force, source of energy, bundle of joy and the passion that keeps us going. The short description that I gave about my family would hold true for so many nuclear families and even extended homes. Consider for a moment that this precious little falls sick or stop his/her activities that have become inseparable part of our daily lives. God forbid this happens but the truth is such events inevitably do happen.

Courtesy: Indiblogger

Relating from one of the very recent experiences we have had I can tell you how excruciating it becomes to pass each moment when the child has taken ill. We reside in Northern part of india that sees extreme weather conditions, be it high temperatures in summers or chilling winters.The entire year even sees whimsical weather conditions owing to global warming and imbalance in the nature’s cycle. Add to this pollution and bad quality of air and you have a perfect case for respiratory diseases and infections. My son has been a victim of air borne infections and frequent seasonal changes which I learnt has become very common in kids in this region.
It started with the usual running nose, slight coughing and aggravated into high temperature, cold and uninterrupted coughing. Within few hours my otherwise active and naughty son was in bed suffering with high fever and cold. At first I thought this too will pass but as the hours passed by, his condition refused to correct. My wife kept on raising an alarm and pushed me to hurry up to the doctor. We visited a reputed hospital and took a set of prescriptions to bring my kid out of the current bout of illness. Things did not pick up at the pace as we expected and contacted another child specialist to get faster relief. Same medicines with higher power were prescribed and even a hint was dropped to get our kid admitted to the hospital. My wife was in tears and all I could do is hold back my emotions and handle the situation. God willing my son was back to normal in 3-4 days and we felt a bit relieved. The entire atmosphere had become so tense and monotonous in these days that we always dread facing it again.
I am of the opinion that seeing an allopathic doctor is not right and I don’t want to put my kid on Anti-biotic, Anti-allergy, Antipyretics and Analgesics. This cycle of infection, cough, cold and fever has become so repetitive and same medicines get prescribed again and again. Though I am not a medico but do understand that these allopathic medicines give temporary relief but do not provide a long term solution. The crucial aspect of treating this cyclical illness lies in improving immunity and making the kid lesser and lesser susceptible to infections. We as a family took some simple steps in building a healthy atmosphere at home for our kid. Honey , Ginger , Tulsi leaves , Chawanprash , Aamla , Herbs  etc have become an integral part of our daily lives and a deep thought goes in what we eat and how do we eat.

The closer to nature we stay more the healthier our lives becomes.  As parents we have the responsibility to provide a healthy environment to our kids and happiness will naturally follow. If the kid is healthy the entire home is cheerful and happy!

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