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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Love Lost Found and Abound

Aisha sat by the balcony of her high rise, a place that she had bought with all her savings with the notion that her love was wisely invested. The sun was rising from the crevices of the concrete jungle and the sunbeams were harsh enough to light up her fatigued face and puffy eyes. Sleep had relinquished her beautiful eyes long ago.

‘You look beautiful in this pink night suit and they kissed.' That was on her 25th birthday three years back.

She often wore those pink pajamas as a celebration of her lost love or may be as a reminder of her undying faith and loyalty. Nothing mattered anymore except that it was an act of reassurance and belief that one day he will come back. Why had she agreed to let him go to the US to pursue his MBA?? Had he not promised that he will pick up job in India?? What they both did not know is Recession does not inquire if a person has a family to support or if he has left his love behind.

‘Abram!! We need to celebrate your win at the college fest with my favorite Irish coffee and Pancakes; I have invited self for tomorrow evening. Hope it suits your busy schedule’.

‘Aisha!! I would have loved to, but not with the bills paid by my father.’ His answer made her sad and equally proud; girls in adolescence have rosy dreams. The curt reply in college translated to a cold and unexplained behavior years later. Men take pride in their jobs, profiles and pay checks, love always trails behind. Move to US proved to be a wrong one as bad job market and huge education loan ruined all his plans. He turned silent and the long distance relationship was failing her expectations. 

The phone rang, the number was from a land line and she had no intent to pick it up.

Four more repeat calls and there was no option but to oblige.

‘I landed at New Delhi International Airport few minutes back,can you come and pick me ?.’

Disbelief, Skepticism, Surprise and Happiness all in equal measure, filled her eyes with big tears. She needed no reassurances, no compulsions to hysterically say ‘I am coming, wait for me Abram. Don’t leave, don’t go anywhere just remain fixed there. I am coming……I am….’.Tears choked her voice.


The Perfect Road Trip
AmbiPur Blogging Contest


She pulled away her Etios and made a quick exit from the Airport. To an onlooker it would seem this was another day and the couple had departed for a brief day or two, no histrionics or showdown for public display.

'Dad ! Why mom does not stay with us ? ' For many years in his mind, Abram often had animated conversations with his mother to figure out why ? Aisha had accepted the very fact that a child raised by a single parent would definitely have grievances with life. Beyond the customary pleasantries neither a question was asked nor a plausible explanation for his behavior was given.

Aisha kept on honking frequently to hide her nervousness and drove with serpentine curves to hit the exit road. Abram watched the crowded side walks and familiar sights of street vendors selling eatables; young boys and girls waiting at the bus stop; auto rickshaws scurrying for passengers; temples at the corners of the roads; multiple assortments of retail shops before hitting the expressway.

The interiors of the car were of beige color , their foot set on transparent foot mats , soft music filling the silence and a lovely fragrance that appealed to the senses came out of the vents. Abram had gifted her 'Lady Million' perfume by Paco Rabaane on their second date knowing Aisha had liking for good fragrances. Her choice of the car perfume too, resembled her personal taste.

They drove on the expressway passing high rise apartments that were huddled together ; giant malls with fancy signage's ; multiplexes playing latest flicks ; parks with fountains aiming for the sky ; metro rail running on the pillars. The day Aisha had taken delivery of her brand new, crimson colored Toyota Etios, they had driven across every road , every intersection of the town. Inside the four doors of their sedan the happiness was unlimited , the new found possession an entire world within.

When it became unbearable and the intensity of emotions swelled up Aisha broke down. She veered the car out of the driving lane,  hit a patch of grass and killed the engine. It was not possible to hold back her tears and feign aloofness ; Abram's eyes too became moist. Over the next couple of minutes Aisha fought with him and he listened silently without giving excuses for his failure to respond to her love. He held her in his arms , kissed her forehead softly and put a finger on her lips, her sobs making her body tremble.

'I brought back something for you from the US' , Abram produced a letter from the pocket of his jacket and a gift box . Not sure which one to choose first Aisha hesitantly opened the letter ; it was an appointment letter in the name of Abram for an Indian subsidiary of a multinational. The box changed her life forever , it was an engagement ring.

In few months from now Aisha will get married to Abram and little does she know that she will bear him two children in due course of time. Abram will head a Multinational and they will shift to a bigger house and lead a lavish lifestyle. Years later they both will think of this reunion and take delight in the 'Perfect Road Trip' that brought them closer forever.

This blog post is my entry for the AmbiPur Blogging contest being run on IndiBlogger. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Railway Tickets Through Mobile

Mobile Booking on IRCTC
Railway e-Ticket now on Mobile

Railway e-ticket now on mobile

  • IRCTC introduces for the first time a non-internet based ticketing system that will empower masses even in remote areas to use the omnipresent mobile device to make reservations.
  • Millions of rail travellers can now use their mobile phones to book tickets in a simple, convenient and secured manner.
  • It uses simple SMS or menu-based USSD technology which works on all mobile phones and involves no internet and costs very little.
  • The services can be currently availed by IRCTC registered users only.

Advantages of booking IRCTC tickets via mobile

  • No need to stand in long queues or log onto the internet.
  • Simple, reliable and secured.
  • Accessible to any mobile user.
  • Very little charges for accessing the service.
  • Works on all handsets.
  • Simple user guided menu - book tickets, search for stations, trains, availability.

1. USSD based booking through Airtel*


  • Register for Airtel money by dialing USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data) number *400#.
  • Load cash on this or recharge from any Airtel money outlet.

Booking Flow

  • Dial *400# and select book tickets option.
  • Select Reservation.
  • Enter your IRCTC User ID.
  • Enter the details of ticket (station, train no. date of journey, class etc.).
  • Enter mPIN for authorizing payment through Airtel money.
  • Booking confirmation SMS is sent by IRCTC and same can be used during journey along with valid ID proof..
  • Fare & service charges are debited from your Airtel money account.
  • PG Charges: Currently NIL
  • Agent Service Charges: Currently NIL
  • Helpline No.: 121
  • Helpline Email :

2. SMS based booking through 139*


  • Register your mobile number with IRCTC as well as with your bank.
  • Bank provides MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) & OTP (One Time Password) through IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) option.
  • More than 25 banks are providing IMPS facility. For generating MMID & OTP, visit website:

Booking Flow

  • Generate OTP through your Bank for authorization of payment.
SMS Based Booking Workflow
SMS based booking
  • Service is available to all mobile subscribers.
  • SMSes @ Rs 3/- per SMS (2 SMSes are required for each booking).
  • PG charges Rs 5/- for ticket amount = Rs 5000/- (as applicable by bank).
  • Agent Service Charges: NIL
  • Helpline No.: 139
  • Helpline Email :

3. SMS based booking through 5676714*


  • Register your mobile number with IRCTC as well as with m-wallet (
  • Send SMS, to 5676714, in the following syntax START for user authentication (first time only)

Booking Flow

SMS Based Booking Workflow
SMS based booking
  • After payment is made booking confirmation is sent to your mobile.
  • SMSes @ Rs 3/- per SMS (2 SMSes are required for each booking).
  • PG Charges: Currently NIL
  • Agent Service Charges: As applicable.
  • Helpline No. : 8882001001
  • Helpline Email :

4. SMS based booking through BSNL*

User should have the following:

  • 1. BSNL SIM card installed.
  • 2. Java enabled mobile phone.
  • 3. Andhra Bank Prepaid card.
  • This is a menu driven application where user has to enter the details asked for in simple step-by-step process to get the ticket.


  • Install the application.
  • Select the Register option to get the mPIN.


  • Click the icon BSNL Prepaid Card
  • Select Ticketing > Train (IRCTC)
  • Fill up the journey details such as From stn, To Stn, Train No, DOJ, Class, Quota, passenger details.
  • Enter the mPIN to get the ticket information.
  • SMSes: without charges.
  • PG Charges: Currently NIL
  • Agent Service Charges: As applicable.
  • Helpline No. : 040-39849644
  • Helpline Email :
E-ticketing through IRCTC website,, has revolutionized the way the common man deals with the railways and has been the biggest success story of e-governance in India. Taking this further, keeping an eye on growing mobile phone market in India, IRCTC now launched two other modes of ticket booking through SMS and USSD... and you don`t need an Internet connection in your mobile for this.So, next time you book a rail ticket, take out your mobile.* The services will not be available between 0800-1200 hrs. However, the ticket can still be booked using mobile through IRCTC main site

I received this information in mail and thought of sharing it forward, it might be of some help.

Cheers !!

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Blog featured on 'Indian Top Blogs'

ea Time Talk - A Blog by Viveksheel showcased on Indian Top Blogs
A pleasant surprise this evening. Saw my blog featured on the Landing Page of Indian Top Blogs.

Please visit the

Cheers !!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to beat Global Recession ??

Are you looking for answers on "How to beat Global Recession " ??  Read my take and simple to do tasks to bring certainty and stability in your life.

Global Recession and its consequences
Global Recession and its consequences

Global Recession , Economic Turmoil , Political Instability and Changing world order are words the entire civilization is being exposed to, in some form or the other. There is a wave of uncertainty, fear and the unknown all telling on our day to day lives and if i drill down to the last element- " Our Careers" . Since the countries ,economies ,industries are in a bear hug so are our careers. It was uncommon for our fathers and forefathers to link back their labor with the output of the organisation they served, but not any more. A bad financial sector , stagnant real estate , fewer jobs and couple of sectors crumbling under recession can all join to tell you a story. If my product or services are not being sold they point out to the demand and supply imbalance and how interwoven each country's fate is and so of its citizen's. When we are able to link backward and forward the consequences of decisions in the past and can also foresee the future to some extent ,does it mean that we need to panic?? Should we base all our decisions on the present scenario ?? My simple answer is NO !!

The best career advice or mantra that i have learnt over the years is " See the Big Picture" . As they say in microeconomics,a long run curve is made up of couple of short run curves so is the case with our careers. A successful career is defined by achievements , laurels , contribution , individual satisfaction and pride over the long run. While we all put in our very best in day to day short runs, we should always remember that the yardstick of  measurement spans two to three decades of meaningful work. Today the times might be hard but that is when the mettle of people who are strong willed with steely nerves comes to fore. Yes employment , profession, job  are key factors for a stable life and happiness but what if the churn factors are already defined and one has to accept them as a precondition. Tough times do not last tough men do - An old saying but very apt in today's perspective. I have been debating with self as to what should be my course now ?? Where should i head for ?? What are my alternatives ?? What is the plan for the future ?? So many questions that i need to find an answer to before i can ride these short curves of stability and instability.

 If the entire sentiment is negative and there is an economic gloom staring at all of us what are we supposed to do ?? There are few choices that i have made and i will like to share with you all. Firstly i will not press the panic button and avoid passing the undue stress to my family. The stories of constant fear , retrenchment , job losses , bad debts or worst of all , no employment are everywhere. I will share peoples anxieties,show empathy and help people as much as i can. Secondly i will start believing in my capabilities more strongly and will unearth my hidden potential. I will open up to newer possibilities , newer thoughts and accept that change is the only thing that is constant in life. Thirdly i will up skill myself and will spend time adding more knowledge , more substance and more content to what i already know. Lastly the most important of all, i will manage my life and my family more efficiently by which i mean i will live a simple yet decent life. I will not indulge in irresponsible luxury, wastage of resources and will take austere measures. The issues of hunger , global warming , recession all are by products of greed and excesses. Penny saved is penny earned and being prudent with whatever  resources i have, is the need of the day.

To sum it up all, i would say is work hard , be honest to yourself, be optimistic,cheerful and  enjoy your work and life . Answer your doubts with resolutions, create activities for stagnant work , believe in your abilities , show care for people and be willing to take that extra pressure with a smiling face .

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Random Quotes #58

  • Let us all progress and prosper and reach the zenith and then we all will go downhill to find peace in the basics of life !!

Random Quotes #57

In this virtual world first we strive hard to befriend people and then the reality of virtual distance strikes and we isolate ourselves !!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

55 Word Fiction - AmbiPur Fresh & Happy

Ambipur IndiBlogger Meet in New Delhi
Ambipur IndiBlogger Meet in New Delhi 

Ambipur Fresh and Happy

The day was hot and humid.
Four friends hopped on a long road trip.  
Halfway through, the AC failed.
The mercury hit 40 degrees.
They sweated and smelled badly
One of them was returning from Ambipur Bloggers meet
He remembered winning an AmbiPur Mini Vent Clip
Faces became fresh and happy as they plugged it !!