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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Smokers and Drinkers are a preferred lot

Smoking goes with Drinking
Smoking goes with Drinking
Smokers and drinkers are preferred lot for me than the rest of the mankind. I have my own reasons to say that; you might have your own not to buy my view point.There are certain very commendable things about these special set of people.

Firstly it takes balls to drink or smoke your money out for sheer psychological satisfaction and to reach an 'enlightened state' where one can be true to own self.
It is not only bold but quite brave to speak your heart out even if you a bit tipsy . I guess only a "MAN" can do so. The rest of the crowd you enthrall are parasites who feed and grow on closely guarded details that have provided to them.
I have often analysed friendships born over mugs of beer , whisky glasses or butts of cigarettes are more enduring and long lasting. 

Hail drinkers and smokers and the spirit that keeps us united.........!!!



Sisto said...

hahaha ... boldly speak out ... you've done that many a time in your inebriated revelries!! but well said ... let there be more of the kind you're talking about.