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Friday, September 22, 2006


I just watched the movie "Lageraho Munnabhai" and learned this new age concept of 'Gandhigiri'. Wow it's heartening to see that there is a Gandhi in all of us and he knows only what we know. Why not then,  we add more to our knowledge and teach the Gandhi in us -how to survive in today's world. His thoughts , his principles ,his way of putting resistance need a sea change but the spirit should remains same.

Still from the movie ' Lageraho Munnabhai'
Still from the movie ' Lageraho Munnabhai'
Few parameters like spirit of truth, courage, the good soul, the fighter and self believer is what Gandhi means to me. My truth has been relative to the world's lies ,though on the rest of the parameters i would scale better. The reason why i say so is a chequered past, heartbreaks, losses ,frustrations ,defeats and midst of them i have stood. Having suffered in interpersonal and professional relationships i still believe i could have saved much of the trouble had i killed this Gandhi in me.

Very recently i lost a good and a close friend just because the person in me wanted to be true , candid and more of a considerate man. Again the Gandhi in me has lost.

I ask you Mohandas Karam Chand gandhi don't i remember you when i remember my dad's good deeds, when i recall my mother's instilled values , my elders lessons, my teacher's knowledge and my own good acts. Then why don't i see you like Munna bhai ( The Protagonist in the movie played by actor Sanjay Dutt) ?  Why is it that i always loose and in the hope of keeping you and me alive i accept it all with a smiling face. Since i have decided to live with "Gandhigiri" i can and i will survive but not many are me.



Mannu said...

buss...yeh kya soshae-baazi mein blog likhta hai? aage kuch nahin likha fir kabhi!