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Saturday, December 17, 2011

21 reasons to send Good Morning SMS

Beautiful Good Morning Messages
Beautiful Good Morning Messages

1.You add a smile to someone's face.
2. You never know when a heartfelt wish for someone comes true.
3. You make your own day with a simple deed that means so much.
4. Your dreams are bright because you have to pen something beautiful every morning.
5. Your first act of the day is probably the best.
6. Your morning message goes viral and you become famous among your friends.
7. Your sweet messages will still be used after you are gone. Fame still comes.
8. You are seen as a creator.
9. You are original.
10. Your love life can improve.
11. You can win your love.
12. You harbour good thoughts and that improves your own life.
13. You make it as a hobby and go on to publish your own book.
14. Your blog traffic improves if you put them online
15. You will be an early riser throughout your life.
16. Your English will improve.
17. You might win a contract with a SMS portal or Archies or Hallmark.
18. You give a new dimension to love and people start with morning sms's.
19. Your sweetheart doesn't need any more alarm clocks. Your sms serves the purpose.
20. You keep your love guessing every morning. Her mental abilities improve a lot.
21. You read them, smile and say it all was worth a thought :):)

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

Good reasons :)
once i sent a GOOD morning message to my lecturer but it turned out to be a bad day :( his outburst was killing and got an insult in front full class :p :P

Viveksheel said...

Well I am not sure why your lecturer got so offended but still no harm sending good wishes someone's way. Check some of my messages and see if they strike a chord with you !!

aativas said...

Better to send sms to only those for whom we really feel. Otherwise it becomes an irritating formality.

Viveksheel said...

Quite right Aativas!! GM Messages are not mass marketing campaigns but thoughts that can be felt specifically by people who are really close to us.

Anonymous said...

Happy good morning messages