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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Quotes #7

I suggested my friend to write with his heart and soul. He started with Eulogies :):) - Vivek

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love is True

Love is Immortal
Love is Immortal
The people we love are few,
And our love for them is so true.
Every day every moment so new,
We wish time with them never flew.

With them we share and care to do,
Why they come in our lives wish we knew.
Seasons pass and reasons accrue,
They leave and bid us adieu.

They go far away from our view,
Moments spent together we will later value.
A new reason will be again be born,
In no time they will come back to you.

Whenever you think of them always smile ,never rue,
In their hearts they love you too.

Random Quotes #6

The day i decided to change and be like my dad, he too started changing for good !! :) - Vivek

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Random Quotes #5

The only topic that has a different meaning for the entire sea of humanity is 'Love' :):) - Vivek

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why this Kolaveri Di ?

This is the title of the song from a Tamil movie ‘3’  which means ‘Why this murderous rage, girl? . This song has become a rage among millions of youngsters via the  social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and You Tube. The song with close to 4 million+ views on YouTube in less than a week has taken the internet community and media by storm. These lyrics are absurd and unintelligent but the fun quotient is very high. I just love the way he is singing, his attitude is carefree and provides a perfect demeanor for the song.

Kolaveri Di - The National Rage
Kolaveri Di - The National Rage

Some more news to chew upon!!

·         Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar slapped.
·         Home Minister P Chidambaram targeted with a shoe.
·         Congress MP Naveen Jindal had a shoe hurled at him.
·         BJP leader LK Advani targeted with a slipper by a disgruntled party worker.
·         Former CWG head Suresh Kalmadi got a slipper flung at him.
·         ‘Team Anna’ member Prashant Bhushan was beaten up in his chamber.
·         Former telecom minister Sukhram was attacked inside the court complex.

Is there a spark shimmering in our hearts that needs a platform to unify in a big blaze?Are we as a nation waiting for series of Anna movements at the India gate? 

The series of these courteous ‘public’ gestures at present and in the past made me ask a simple question ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’.  Dhanush sings something irrelevant and the nation goes gaga. Our very own elected politicians act stupid and we manhandle them , how unfair. The theme is the same, both are occupying our mind share with their meaningless acts yet they meet with different responses. So far we have enjoyed our politician’s acts like we are currently enjoying this song but the time has come to stop accommodating this nonsense from the elected representatives of the public. 

It goes without doubt that the young generation is the architect of the nation, and the future depends on us. If we come collectively on issues like governance, policies, inflation, poverty, scams, education the point will be made. The public sentiment and rage has to channelize in movements that can change the course of this nation. The youth of today needs to divert his or her attention to issues that have national importance. Let’s hit 4+ million views and viewpoints on every issue that will impact this nation and its citizens.

Random Quotes #4

We learn to forget, some forget to learn; in the end both are equally dumb:):) - Vivek

I will call you back

Check back this space for my article on the most cliched line of our daily conversations ' I will call you back' !!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Leadership Talk from Jug Suraiya

Leadership Talk from Jug Suraiya
JS receiving a momento, My humble self with JS.

Jug Suraiya (JS), the iconic Associate Editor of Times of India (TOI) was at our office for the Leadership Talk series. It was indeed a privilege to interact with this intellectual human being and i thought of immortalizing this experience in my blog. I grew up reading TOI and regularly follow JS's column Jugular Vein and Second Opinion. While the former contains humorous, witty, irreverent and often satirical opinions on anything from current affairs to travelling, the second is for more serious deliberations on issues of present importance. Of late 'Dubyaman' , the cartoon strip from 'JS' has caught my fancy.

So coming back to the talk, the topic was 'What defines a leader or Who is a leader ?'. 'JS' very succinctly put forth this definition: 'A leader is the one who empowers you to achieve your dreams, that one would not have otherwise, due to skepticism of his own's abilities' . JS substantiated this thought by walking us through his life and the vital role that Desmond Doig played in molding him as a future leader of Journalism.

'A true leader passes the baton on the day one and builds a team that is equally competent like him'. I liked this idea and reflected back on my career. I had couple of bosses in the past and one or two really stand out in the periphery of this hypothesis . They believed in my abilities and supported me through thick and thin. The wait to get results out of my work was long, but they reinforced to keep the charge on. The end is not that important as is the journey to the destination. My professional interaction with these leaders did shape my thoughts,actions and decisions in professional life and career. I often say that what we become is an amalgamation of myriad experiences and learning out of our interaction with the outer world. It's sheer luck that we meet and work, with leaders like 'JS' in our lifetime.

'JS' has recently penned a memoir, titled 'JS and the Times of My Life: A Worm’s eye view of Indian journalism'. I got my copy personally autographed by 'JS' and have started reading it already. The author shares with us deep insights from his own life that is cleverly woven with satire and good humor  An interesting and  engaging read ,Pick your copy soon .

Random Quotes #3

Marry only if, the challenges left, are none !! - Vivek

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Quotes #2

Why look at the mirror everyday when you know it has no artificial intelligence :):) - Vivek

Monday, November 21, 2011

Life in a Metro

Piyush and Priya have been married for some time and still finding it hard to cope with the lifestyle in a big metro. It was love marriage but gradually they are spending less time together. Piyush has become stagnant in his operations profile and the new bosses do not think too high of his skills. Priya on the other hand works for a retail chain as their brand manager and is doing very good in her career. Piyush is ambitious by nature and wants to achieve lots.

'Priya!  I cannot drive to office late everyday just because you cannot stitch your acts in time. There has to be a sense of discipline or else you find an alternate way to go to office.' Piyush honks the car continuously.

 ‘Piyush!!  The only time we get together are these journeys from home to office and back. You want me to stop that as well.’ . She come running and gets into the car.

Mad Rush in Metropolitan Cities
Mad Rush in Metropolitan Cities

‘Look I have been supportive of your job and you know that very well but for the sake of your job I can’t sacrifice mine. I am under tremendous pressure at work and can’t ill afford to run slack. I can achieve plenty provided I am allowed to concentrate on work.’

‘Oh so you mean I am the reason for you not doing well or getting raises, promotions or a better switch?' 

‘I don’t want to spoil my morning so let’s stop here’. The traffic moves like a snail even on the express way. Piyush has an internal meeting with the Sales Team and does not wants to get late. 

‘Piyush! you have changed a lot, you don’t tell me your thoughts nor you love me as you used to.’ Why for god sake women pick up fights early in the morning? Don’t they have sense of time or place, sighs Piyush.

'Priya ! It’s just that men get happiness when they do well professionally and women when their house is in order. In our arrangement we have to first decide who the man is and who the woman is.’ 

‘What do you mean?? You want me to drop my career and raise a family now?We agreed that we will not talk about this for at least next 5 years.'

Silence accompanies them for the rest of the journey and in their minds thoughts flow.

'I fought against my parents to get married to him, broke my relationships with family and friends just to make him comfortable. I am earning to share his burden of EMI’s, ever spiraling living expenses and saving for a comfortable future.'

'She is the only girl I loved and always dreamt of marrying her. I want to do well in career so that I can take good care of her and the family. The question of family will only arise when we sit and decide a pit stop. But who has the time. Her ego and career is more important than anything else. What will we do of the money when there is no time to be together, no kids to relax with ,no future to live for.'

They reach her office gate.

‘Priya do you mind leaving everything and going back to Dehradun, parents are there, life will be easy, we will earn less but we will be much happier’.

‘Don’t get silly ideas!! I will take a week off and let’s go on a short vacation. We need time together’.

 ‘Yes I even think so, in this mad rush of daily life we have stopped spending quality time with each other.’

‘Have a Good Day’.

They hug and depart smiling with a renewed hope to start afresh.

10 years later….

‘Priyansh ! Come fast or else ask mom to drop you to school’

‘No daddy I am coming’.

'Get into the car you both!!'

Random Quotes #1

Mornings are as foggy as my dreams. Wow !! Gods are confused too .
                                                                                                         - Vivek

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Too Posh to Push

Aishwarya Rai Bachhan had a normal delivery
Aishwarya Rai Bachhan
Seemed like entire country was waiting to hear the news of the new born and congratulate the Bachchan family. Thanks to the media when everything is ubiquitous now, then how can a very important detail like this be missed out. Yes you guessed it right !! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did not opt for C- Section but 'pushed'. Wow ! What a feat at 38 years of age and i must say I am impressed. She has been an ambassador for so many brands and helped them build a perception but this one stands out.

The optimal childbearing age is between 20 to 35 and beyond that moms run certain risks like difficulty in conceiving, abortions, and increased risk of complications for both mother and infant during pregnancy and delivery. Usually it is taken for granted that  older mothers will go for C Section and not take chances at all.

With this great job Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has sent out a very very strong statement. Mothers to be with adequate preparation , motivation and mental toughness can deliver normally irrespective of their ages. Ash has taken a bold step and i feel this will be trend setter among celebrities, if not masses. Many congratulations to you Aishwarya and i am sure brands like Dabur , Chavanprash , Vatika , Horlicks, Glucon -D , Amul will be seen queuing outside Jalsa post your recuperation .

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreams I Believe

Poem on Childhood Dreams
Childhood Dreams

I stood ground with all decisions made,
To live every moment as it takes.
Suddenly a sharp turn came winding by,
The temptation to walk rising high.

As I walked on the path aimlessly,
Saw a girl walking ahead of me lonely.
I never knew her journey till there,
My mind said there is a lot to share.

I followed her deep in the woods,
Twists and turns, a search for truth.
Across the mountains was her village,
Family, folks a long lineage.

She left and came the other day,
Happy, cheerful in a pleasant way.
Deep in her eyes pain hiding by,
Her smile, a cover to deny.

This time I stopped her to greet,
Fearing if she would retreat.
But seemed she knew me for years,
Laughing and smiling with no fears.

So much to talk between us,
Hours seemed frivolous.
Deep secrets and stupid dreams,
We knew everything it seemed.

Days flew like moments with her,
I never knew when she came near.
Love was all I felt in her care,
Something so different so rare.

I asked her so many times,
She always replied in rhymes.
Why she loved me so much?
A simple reason nothing as such.

Years later one day she sat along,
And shared with me a fairy song.
Her grandma told her story of a hero,
Good charming and a very nice fellow.

She dreamt of him day and night,
To be his best man's bride.
She waited for years all along,
Her dreams and her faith still strong.

'Grandma told me everything about you,
You will come in my life I knew',
People who believe in stories are few
There are some which turn to be true.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Apologize

I am Sorry
I am Sorry
The acts can take disguise of words,
To keep justifying their legality.
Being right is no longer an option,
Past comes out of obscurity.

The demons come out of the closet,
The mask no longer prevails.
Images tumble down in a jiffy,
An effort life long now it entails.

Life's story in images comes through,
Moments of weakness and pride.
All woven to complete the album of life,
When foolish mind failed to decide.

An act done wrong or insane,
Had no consequences seemed then.
I kept on running from what I did,
The shadow grows taller again and again.

I delve in the heart of my own culprit,
To judge if it needs relief of leniency.
But the bad seed sown had grown big,
The river had flown into the sea.

Then I met someone naive and true,
The moment had come to decide.
If i can live with the guilt for life,
Or choose a way for the pain to subside.

With faith in god and self promise made,
Never in my life will i lie.
I gathered courage to use few words,
With heartfelt pain i apologize.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Beautiful Flow

Beautiful River Flowing
Beautiful River Flowing
A stream of river flowed by the hills,
Small ponds and lakes did it fill.
It touched the rocks and the bottoms,
Caressed the flowers while they blossomed.

Small pebbles and sand did it take along,
Together they made a flow so strong.
Every particle and soul it touched,
All who came across, got blessed.

Be the flowing river smooth in its flow,
Spread happiness wherever you go.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Easy yet Difficult

Spending time with self
Hiding True Emotions
Easy to meet someone,
Difficult to remember and revive.
Easy to call someone a friend,
Difficult to keep the relation alive.

Easy to be true to someone,
Difficult to accept lies.
Easy to express love,
Difficult to feel silent eyes.

Easy to enjoy your loneliness,
Difficult to come out of guise.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sun and Moon

Poem on The Moon and The Sun
The Moon and Sun

The Moon said to the Sun.
Look here I am more beautiful,
Occupying the sky so rightful
Galaxies and Stars are my pearls,
In the midst of them I twirl.

I reside in the hearts of lovers,
Their sweethearts envy my glitters.
The artist waits for me to paint pictures,
The poet in the din of night renders.

My golden beams illuminate the night,
Fantasies in my presence take a flight 
Every soul waits for me to adorn the sky,
To rest and dream high

The sun replied.

In my light you sparkle and shine
Be modest you beauty divine 


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