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Saturday, December 31, 2011

5 New Year Resolutions with a difference

So friends another year is winding up its business and creating space for the new one to set up its shop. We all at some point or the other, around this time of the year make New Year resolutions. They last till the will to carry them lasts but still the fun to make a new one every year is exciting. Here are five of the few resolutions that are a bit different but you may like to consider!!

1.  I will not eat what I like – Why would I suggest a resolve like this?? Well if you stay home with parents why not give mom a reason to feel that her kid has come out of age. Anyways once you step out of home there will be no home cooked food to pamper you. In case you are married your spouse can experiment with lots of other alternatives and you never know your home could become famous for your refined tastes and varied cuisines. J

Table Manners

2    2.   I will not wear what I like -   God now this is not acceptable!! I am sure many of you will put your foot down on this. Well if your friends and family praise you for your dressing sense it can become lots better if you choose to take some new tips to dress. In case you dress like a bore or an oldie or say out of fashion why not dress the way icons do. Worth considering if you want to innovate with your looks and bring in some oomph factor with the clothes you wearJ

Getting dressed for office
Getting dressed for office

3    3.  I will not talk to my old friends – Jesus this is insane!! Well I agree but what is great in carrying same old conversations with the same set of people. Some of them are close no doubt, some just good to have and few are even intolerant. They all have known us for years and they have stopped pointing our good or bad. Moreover I feel some take us for granted and don’t value our ‘special company’. So time to take a diversion and make them long for you. The more you go away the better will be their choices of abuses and ways to get you back J
Friends are life
Friends are life

4.  I will not follow the same routine day after day- I guess this could be interesting for some of us. I am sure daily chores like cooking, laundry , housekeeping bore homemakers, studies, college, make the students hate it, and same old job doesn’t interests working men/ women too. Will it not make sense if we swap some roles at home? Bunk some classes at college? Or change the way we work in office? This will keep us unsettled and excited for the new challenges that we create for ourselves J

Daily Routine LIfecyle
Daily Routine 

5   5.   I will not do the right things everyday - This is getting curious as to why am I suggesting doing things wrong!! You all would agree we stop learning beyond an age. This is not because we have become pundit of all trades in life, but because all the mistakes have taught us a lesson. These experiences make us more intelligent and wise. I say start doing mistakes again, appear foolish, laugh at your own self and then enjoy life with a new motto to learn fresh J
Learning from own mistakes
Learning from own mistakes

Don’t do different things in life do things differently J  .Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2012 !!

Random Quotes #34

My new year resolution is, to stick to my resolution if i happen to make one :):) - Vivek

Friday, December 30, 2011

Random Quotes #33

All gf's  have a common characteristic and that is, to vouch for every other movie as a blockbuster :):) - Vivek

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Quotes #32

I don't need 'lots of money', credit cards are just fine :):) - Vivek

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random Quotes #31

Get me some bad friends i have had some good enemies so far :):) - Vivek

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Random Quotes #30

You might dream of a penthouse, but those who really afford it, do not dream of it :):) - Vivek

Monday, December 26, 2011

Random Quotes #29

For most of us life is a rat race and our bosses the cats :):) - Vivek

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Santa Claus with Gifts
Santa Claus with Gifts

Christmas brings to our mind gifts, greeting cards, church celebrations, cakes, Christmas trees and decorations. In addition to all this, one prominent figure shapes our definition of the festival and that is our very own ‘Santa Claus’. He has been the one for whom the kids wait to receive their surprise gifts and indeed Santa never disappoints. Little they know that their own parents most often or some good soul plays the role of this benefactor. Today for an instance I decided to play in my mind the role of Santa Claus, the gifts I would distribute and to the people I would reach to. Since this is a mere thought funds do not matter and there are no limitations to my imagination.

The first place I would go to is traffic signals of Delhi and give 100 Rupees note to all the kids who are begging for alms. At least for today they need not worry where the bread will come from. I pass by these young children everyday while driving across the city and feel a sense of pain and sadness for them. The world beyond my car window is so starkly different. I am dressed well and have a heater on to keep myself warm, in contrast the beggars are scantily clothed, under nourished and look from one vehicle to another for their survival. I know poverty is a vicious cycle but when basic benefits of a society are not provided to its citizens I feel cheated. To eat less is acceptable, to not clothe well is understandable, to be not able to afford luxury is still ok but to still fight for the very basic needs of food, cloth and shelter is deplorable. So all you unfortunate kids for this one day come and take this money and feed yourself well.

The second place I would go is to all the women of this ‘civilized society’ and distribute to them arms and gadgets for self-protection. Every other day my morning gets spoiled reading about a woman who gets murdered, assaulted or tortured. I ask all you ‘guys’ out there will there an end be to this pervert behavior?? Did you forget that we all were not manufactured in a factory but were conceptualized in a womb that gave us life, shape and form. The same female species protects you as a mother, wife, sister or a friend but doesn’t feel safe after doing so much. As a Santa Claus I give all you ladies the power to protect yourself and obliterate anyone who endangers your safety and existence. I will not mind reading in newspaper that few men are killed every day by females who had to save themselves from their murderers and assaulter's.

Last but not the least I will play Santa for my family and send them wishes and give them my time. They are the ones who do not long for gifts or surprises. All they want is my presence without the garb of ‘Santa Claus’.

Random Quotes #28

Singles look more happy and more fortunate in company of couples :):) - Vivek

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Random Quotes #27

A valid yet unacceptable alternate, to hard work is no work :):) - Vivek

Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Quotes #26

To do or not to do, arises only if, when you know what to do :):) - Vivek

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Quotes #25

Either you consider me 'absolutely' good or else change the parameters of your 'relative' comparison :) - Vivek

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Quotes #24

A secret will remain a secret until you share it with a woman :) !! - Vivek

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Quotes #23

Intelligence deserts me more than often as the same problem poses new to me every time - Vivek. GM !!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Quotes #22

Bank is a place that gives us notional happiness for the real money that we put in there :) - Vivek

  *** Also read my post 21 Reasons to send Good Morning SMS.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random Quotes #21

When I take decisions i have to follow Democracy,
when my wife decides she follows Monarchy :):) - Vivek GM !!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

21 reasons to send Good Morning SMS

Beautiful Good Morning Messages
Beautiful Good Morning Messages

1.You add a smile to someone's face.
2. You never know when a heartfelt wish for someone comes true.
3. You make your own day with a simple deed that means so much.
4. Your dreams are bright because you have to pen something beautiful every morning.
5. Your first act of the day is probably the best.
6. Your morning message goes viral and you become famous among your friends.
7. Your sweet messages will still be used after you are gone. Fame still comes.
8. You are seen as a creator.
9. You are original.
10. Your love life can improve.
11. You can win your love.
12. You harbour good thoughts and that improves your own life.
13. You make it as a hobby and go on to publish your own book.
14. Your blog traffic improves if you put them online
15. You will be an early riser throughout your life.
16. Your English will improve.
17. You might win a contract with a SMS portal or Archies or Hallmark.
18. You give a new dimension to love and people start with morning sms's.
19. Your sweetheart doesn't need any more alarm clocks. Your sms serves the purpose.
20. You keep your love guessing every morning. Her mental abilities improve a lot.
21. You read them, smile and say it all was worth a thought :):)

Please check the label 'Good Morning SMS' in my blog and find some lovely messages.

Random Quotes #20

High tea facilitates more fruitful discussions which would otherwise not happen later, once you get high - Vivek :)

Why Milan Luthria fails in ‘Dirty Picture’

National award for Vidya Balan
National award for Vidya Balan
Everyone is heaping praises on Vidya Balan and even termed her as the only female hero of the industry. After watching Dirty Picture I quite agree with this statement but don’t hold the director of this movie in the same league. I can also write a good review and talk about Naseer sahab’s brilliant work , Emraan Hashmi’s incensed performance and Vidya’s antics but one person who has not done justice to this movie is the Director. It pains to see so many good performances weaved into an incoherent and ineffective story line. Here are my facts to substantiate my claims.

It has been projected that this movie is inspired by Silk Smitha’s  life but nowhere it touches Silk Smitha’s  reality in true sense. Her rise was meteoric and she went on to star in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and a few Hindi films. Her career spanned across 17 years where she starred in over 450 movies and acted in iconic movies like ‘Sadma’ and ‘Reshma ki Jawaani’. Vidya was only depicted as a moll to Naseer and it seemed as if he was the Godfather and her career was solely dependent on him. Excuse me Mr Luthra, a career spanning over 450 films and 17 years can’t be depicted dancing and singing with one old haggard. 

Moreover you forgot to capture the rise and the fall the way it should have been. Neither could you bring out any intensity in Vidya’s love for her Demi god, justify Emraan’s anger nor could you even portray Tusshar Kapoor’s infatuation properly. The animosity that you wanted to show through Emraan was baseless and did not convey why it was there in the first place. You could not capture the loneliness of a star when crowned by the public nor could you really show her happiness at the prime of her career. The depiction of her financial woes in the end is flimsy and I could not understand the last part where you showed Vidya’s movie completely washed out by Emraan’s. There is no compelling reason for your portrayal and you have taken events for granted. Aspects like stardom, rise, fall, competition, insecurities, addiction, failures need a deeper understanding of human joys and sorrows and a sensitive eye for showcasing it. You fail here entirely and leave so many things to imagination for a confused audience. 

Mr Luthria ! I was saddened by the entire effort that you have put in. The story line is utterly flawed, loosely stitched and calls for good sense to capture a biopic like this. The only place where I quite agree is  you have really created a ‘Dirty Picture’.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Quotes #19

My Dear Lord !! Protect my friends and land me in all misadventures, i don't mind becoming famous :):) - Vivek . GM !!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Mom & Dad

This post was written for Indiblogger's Surf Excel Matic Get Smart Contest - If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it? Though it did not win a prize but i still consider it a lovely post. Please read it !!

Surf Excel Blogging Contest
Surf Excel Blogging Contest

Dear Mom & Dad,

I came as bundle of joy in your lives 30 years back. I am very fortunate to be born as your son and equally proud to call you as my parents. You were my lens to the world and I took my first steps under your love and care.

My joys knew no limits when you hugged me and kissed my cheeks. I felt so protected in your arms and my toothless smile knew no bounds. Mom, I looked the cutest in the dresses you stitched for me, happiest with the toys you created for me and excited with the games you played with me.  I slept with abandon, knowing that my small whimper will wake you both. I learnt my first syllables from you and the first words were ‘Ma’. How could I ever forget. My life was filled with so much affection and love, that nothing else did matter to me ever. What all little things my mind could register, I owed to your guidance and tutelage. They say childhood is the best time of one’s life and I stand testament to that wonderful experience.

I grew up and started going to school. You taught me how to work hard, be disciplined and obedient. Like ever before and as your dutiful child i did secure good marks. My thinking was a reflection of your vision, instructions and guidance. You would recall that I never disappointed you both with my mannerisms, results and behavior in general. Some more years passed and I grew up with age. School transformed to college and my challenges grew many fold. My school mates progressed and kept pace with studies. My friends won prizes at extracurricular activities and events, they danced on stages during functions, and some won medals in sports. I stared at them and did not know what I was supposed to do then without any extra curricular talent. You both complained and comparisons were frequently drawn. and always wished that I was born talented. Let’s accept that our middle class upbringing and resources never allowed us to think beyond the basics of life and developing interests require both time and money.

College ended and I did loose grip on the competition and this is when, the rebel in me started asking questions. I put a question mark on your upbringing, the environment you provided, the knowledge you imparted to me. It looked as if my life had come to a halt and you stood as criminals in my eyes. I fought with you and hurt you so many times, holding you responsible for my failures.Destiny separated us and I learnt the ropes of life with lots of pain, struggle and hard work. I never realized that the values and principles you instilled in me, helped sail through these tough times.

Today I am a very successful professional and considered as a good human being. Now when I look back at all these years and our conversations, I find myself at fault. You provided me with the best resources and to the utmost of your potential. There were practical constraints in life and I should not have questioned your undying love for me. I was selfish and mean to have shrugged off my failures on your limited means and circumstances.

Today when I get few extra hours in life I will start doing the following things. I will enroll for Violin lessons and learn to play the birthday tune for you, Mom. Dad, I will start running, exercising and play badminton. You wished so badly to see me get medals in the school sports meet. Again Mom, I will read good books and make my mind so sharp that I keep on progressing in life. You always used to say ‘Son!! I want you to become a hero,you dance, perform, debate, play sports, become successful and lead a happy life’.

Dad & Mom, after I finish doing these activities, I will call you to apologize again and again, for having hurting you so many times. 

With Love

Your Son!!

Random Quotes #18

I never failed in any interview because my unintelligent looks never invited any intelligent question - Vivek :):)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Quotes #17

Married men are like an ape transferred from a jungle to the Zoo :):) - Vivek

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Quotes #16

Do not curse multinational guys for pushing their products,they themselves are sold to many brands :):) - Vivek

Sunday, December 11, 2011

HP Bloggers Meet - Delhi 11th Dec

Today for the first time i participated in a Blogger's meet and interestingly it was the first ever in Delhi. To merely say that this was a great event would be injustice to the effort put by IndiBlogger team , Sponsors HP and most importantly all the bloggers who made it . This was superb, thrilling , fun filled and in one word 'Fantabulastic'  event.

You all would be wondering  what makes me mouth so many adjectives in a row . So Ladies and Gentlemen i feel proud to share with you all that i won a HP Printer and three 4GB pen drives this evening. Now you know why i am showering so many praises :)

Won HP Printer at Blogger's Meet
Won HP Printer at Blogger's Meet

This was a different evening and put to good use by meeting all the fellow bloggers and the IndiBlogger team. I  felt that i knew this community  through their writings but putting a face to the name and the personality was pleasure some. The section of Individual introductions was damn hilarious and my jaws started aching beyond a point of time. If you would like to know what were they like, read this 1

' I write on so many things .........but nothing is interesting '

' I have been writing for three years and have not seen any traffic so far (Delivered with lots of smiles and happiness) '.

'I write on break ups, love stories and relationships.(This guy would spend the entire day looking for such events in his surroundings mishaps and then write on them)

'I spend 2-3 hours writing an article on a technology product and then rest 2-3 hours to write the next paragraph.'. The length of comments posted by my "Angrez" readers outlasts my own article. ( This guy won a HP printer too for the best Introduction).

There was this game of finding HP Originals tag using QR scanner software. My team QRAZY won the team event with 14 findings and i won the HP printer for most number of findings by any individual. My count was sevenIn the end there was great debate on censorship of the social media and bloggers take on it. Pretty humorous and witty that turned out be.

My special thanks to the Sponsors - Hewlett Packard , IndiBlogger Team and all the fellow bloggers.

At Indiblogger Meet , The Park - New Delhi
At Indiblogger Meet , The Park - New Delhi

Random Quotes #15

Please apply for a credit card before you apply for a degree from the college of love :) :)  - Vivek

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random Quotes #14

Do not get into a relationship to experience extreme happiness and extreme pain, it will anyways come in the end :):) - Vivek

Friday, December 09, 2011

Random Quotes #13

Last night i promised my wife the stars and the moon, but by the time i started, it was already noon :D :) - Vivek

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Random Quotes #12

In a relationship do not claim to love more, you might be asked to prove it :):) - Vivek

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Outsourced Reproduction

We all are not new to the word ‘Outsourcing’ in the field of Information Technology but what if we hear it in a very personal space like Reproduction. Till today this life cycle was from bedroom to the maternity ward but our very own Aamir Khan added a new aspect of ‘Surrogacy’ to this experience.

First of all congratulations to Aamir and Kiran Rao for becoming parents through IVF(In-vitro Fertilization)  and kudos for their boldness to come out before the world and accept the same. Celebrities like Aamir are role models for the society and such avant-garde steps draw attention and ignite minds very fast. The online media, news channels, print media all are giving this news its due importance and I really feel happy about it.

Aamir Khan with Wife Kiran Rao
Aamir Khan with Wife Kiran Rao

My intent to write this article is to discuss a subject that has been taboo for us so far. ‘Infertility’ due to present day lifestyle is becoming a very common phenomenon among married couples. Owe it to late marriages, changed lifestyles, medical conditions or day to day pressures couples are facing difficult times reproducing. We never have the courage to discuss this problem with the world in open and the stigma to be termed infertile weighs very high. 

Some statistics that I would like to point out here. India has a population of 30 Million childless couples and  40% males and 50% females in the age group of 18-25 suffer from some or the other form of infertility. Is it not time that we as a society accept that not being able to reproduce normally is not a sin and there are alternative means to enjoy parenthood?? 

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person. This woman may be the child's genetic mother  or she may carry the pregnancy to delivery for compensation.
There could be situations where couples may need to arrange for surrogate pregnancy like:

1)      Male / female infertility or other medical issues which may make the pregnancy nonviable.
2)      The female preferring the convenience of someone else undergoing pregnancy, labor, and delivery for her.
3)      Single person wishing to have his/her own biological child.
4)      Tougher requirements to fulfill for adopting a baby.

We as a society must understand that some couples may need medically assisted reproduction. We have a long way to go and there is a need to prepare a framework to legalize surrogacy, protect rights of surrogate mother and more importantly find answers to our moral dilemmas. It’s time we sit, understand and accommodate disabilities rather than showing pity.

Random Quotes #11

My greatness is one thing but understanding it lot depends on your mental abilities too :):) GM Guys !!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Random Quotes #10

Think of a brilliant idea, its good only if someone has already thought of it :) - Vivek

Friday, December 02, 2011

I will call you back

In today’s world our lives have been limited by gadgets and internet.  What still remains as an alibi to physical togetherness is the satisfaction to have communicated with our near and dear ones using technology. Considering these devices as the only medium of our connection to the outer world we still need to say very often ‘I will call you back’. Our busy schedules puts stress on our minds and it scampers for time to pay equal attention to multiple events and people.

Be it a  professional or personal connect everyone hears the same cliched reply but the probability of professional acquaintances receiving our call back is higher compared to our kith and kin.

Spending Time with Family is Important

There were days when I used to sit with my sisters, brothers and friends and share each and every event of life though how much insignificant it might be. Occasions like festivals, birthdays, and marriages had only one thing in common i.e. meeting and being together. The pranks, fights, stupid activities, movies, eating outs had one unifying theme of physical presence. Life was much simpler then and the outside world was not so big . I would say means were limited, dreams were small and there was a fear to explore beyond the laid boundaries.

Today we have come a long way from that era and possibilities are limitless. We earn packages, afford vehicles, spend on luxury and other thrills that money can buy. The only change is we end up enjoying these phases in isolation and away from our families. I very often wish on many moments that my parents, siblings and friends were with me to experience the joy. It still remains a wish most of the times.

To bring out my point, all I say is we end up neglecting those who grew up with us, who shared our successes and failures and who care for us like no one else. With each passing day our bonding with relatives and friends grows weaker, understanding of them diminishes and our fondness for them grows faint. We cannot change the way the world is being run, nor switch our jobs to our hometowns or be at every event in the family. One thing that we can always and should do is call back as soon as we find time. You never know there are some whose world is still small .

Random Quotes #9

Even if you cut short the shortcut , it will still remain a shortcut :) - Vivek

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Random Quotes #8

If you suddenly become unintelligent and patient chances are you have got married my friend :) - Vivek