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Sunday, December 11, 2011

HP Bloggers Meet - Delhi 11th Dec

Today for the first time i participated in a Blogger's meet and interestingly it was the first ever in Delhi. To merely say that this was a great event would be injustice to the effort put by IndiBlogger team , Sponsors HP and most importantly all the bloggers who made it . This was superb, thrilling , fun filled and in one word 'Fantabulastic'  event.

You all would be wondering  what makes me mouth so many adjectives in a row . So Ladies and Gentlemen i feel proud to share with you all that i won a HP Printer and three 4GB pen drives this evening. Now you know why i am showering so many praises :)

Won HP Printer at Blogger's Meet
Won HP Printer at Blogger's Meet

This was a different evening and put to good use by meeting all the fellow bloggers and the IndiBlogger team. I  felt that i knew this community  through their writings but putting a face to the name and the personality was pleasure some. The section of Individual introductions was damn hilarious and my jaws started aching beyond a point of time. If you would like to know what were they like, read this 1

' I write on so many things .........but nothing is interesting '

' I have been writing for three years and have not seen any traffic so far (Delivered with lots of smiles and happiness) '.

'I write on break ups, love stories and relationships.(This guy would spend the entire day looking for such events in his surroundings mishaps and then write on them)

'I spend 2-3 hours writing an article on a technology product and then rest 2-3 hours to write the next paragraph.'. The length of comments posted by my "Angrez" readers outlasts my own article. ( This guy won a HP printer too for the best Introduction).

There was this game of finding HP Originals tag using QR scanner software. My team QRAZY won the team event with 14 findings and i won the HP printer for most number of findings by any individual. My count was sevenIn the end there was great debate on censorship of the social media and bloggers take on it. Pretty humorous and witty that turned out be.

My special thanks to the Sponsors - Hewlett Packard , IndiBlogger Team and all the fellow bloggers.

At Indiblogger Meet , The Park - New Delhi
At Indiblogger Meet , The Park - New Delhi



Akshay said...

it was an amazing meet :)

Antarik said...

It seems a great experience. I wish I could have been there too. Got to know about it late. Waiting for the next one eagerly. And congratulations to u :)

Viveksheel said...

Thanks Guys !! Enjoyed it too :)

Deguide said...

A very brief summary of the Indiblogger meet at Delhi, i hope you enjoyed the Sunday.

Tina said...

Sounds exciting.. I hope I can attend the Bangalore meet whenever it happens. :)

Sandeep said...

Oh u missed out the tea and the tee ;)

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