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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Night Sky

The purple-crimson evening slowly faded out,
Darkness settled gradually,as I looked roundabout,
The night sky quietly enveloped the world,
Like a smooth,soft blanket around it was twirled!

The celestial bodies that shined and shimmered,
As though on black velvet,diamonds were scattered,
Secrets of their own, they seemed to hold,
Mysteries of the universe, they left untold!

The Night Sky
The Night Sky
The crescent moon looked to be smiling lazily,
It's silver beam cast like a glance so dreamily,
In it's ivory illuminance, tree leaves gently swayed,
Against the magnificent dark skyline,a dancing pattern they made!

I glanced up at the clear,night sky,
In its depths, fate and destiny seemed to lie,
A magical spell all over it had cast,
An enchanting vision,that felt forever would last!

With the first appearance of early dawn,
As silently as it came, the night sky was gone,
Yet,its lovely memory was carved in my mind,
A mark of its serene beauty,it had left behind!

Please note : This is a poem that was written by my friend years back when people used to keep diaries.As a tribute to creativity I decided to put this in my blog so as to share it with the rest of the world and preserve it better.