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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Flight Journey

I took my first flight at an age of 18 and it was an experience first of its kind. Since then i have lost count of many such journeys .The thrill of ascent , steady flight 9-10 Kms above the sea level, the food just sufficient , the calmness in thoughts, the uncertainty every second and then the relief on the wheels touching the ground. This is what i would encapsulate the whole journey in.

My First Flight Journey
My First Flight Journey

Many a times in these calm moments my thoughts drifted to my loved ones and i felt so much close to them. It would not be wrong to say that moments like these give us a chance to be true to ourselves and our thoughts.

At home when i lie down on my terrace and see the sky above i tend to believe in fables and stories of gods and fairies though flying at thousands of feet don't give me that impression. Clouds and stars which hinder the view of lesser mortals do that rightfully to keep the faith intact.