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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lifestyle disease called Internet

How many times per day, do you check your personal email account(s) ? How often you meaninglessly check Facebook for new notifications and friend's updates? 

If the answer is multiple times you could be addicted to Internet.Please read this article to understand this new age lifestyle disease called Inernet.

The Addiction called Internet
The Addiction called Internet

What is internet addiction ? 

If you think that remaining connected 24x7 to office, family and friends through e mails , social networking sites, phone apps is normal then there is a problem. If you have feel that your virtual personality is more important than your real presence then there is a problem.

Signs of Internet Addiction

  • Spending plenty of time on gaming sites, porn sites and gambling etc.
  • Signing in and Signing out on email accounts and facebook multiple times a day.
  • Peeping into others virtual lives without any purpose
  • Meetings and communication with family and friends, happening only on internet
  • Insecurity that your world will crash if you are on not connected to the virtual world
  • Unfounded curiosity that something new is waiting for you on your web address.
  • Internet becomes the first place to spend even the last minute of your free time. 

Why do people get addicted to the Internet ?

What starts as a source of information and a tool for work turns into an escapade to manage stress, loneliness, depression, and anxiety. A world that is virtual, that is unreal provides a jungle to get lost and helps us forget our pressing worries. Most of us sitting in a lonely corner of our houses, dally with this unreal world and expect it to relieve our pain and/or provide pleasure . We look for fun , satisfaction ,understanding, advice , help from a laptop screen. Is it not foolish , is it not abnormal ? We condition our mind to believe that the internet is answer to all our ailments and strengthen this premise by considering  the benefits of it. Where as the reality is, fruitful time spent on net is fraction of the time engaged in futile activities. Slowly and gradually this habit builds on us and we get addicted to this demon called 'Internet', where our virtual existence takes control of our habits and our lives.

Lifestyle diseases due to excess use of Internet

  • Backache
  • Hypertension
  • Strained Eyes
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Weight Gain or Loss
  • Personality Disorders

How to strike a new balance ?

To break free of this addiction one has to differentiate between the real and unreal world. The reasons for an unhappy mind have to be listed out and answers for them to be sought or discussed with the real people. Our support system, family, friends have to be given their importance and more investment has to go into making our relationships more stronger and richer. Let's agree on one simple thought and this is " Person to person interaction , a touch, eye to eye contact, a hug , a smile, a caring hand cannot be replaced by any of the virtual niceties."

Self Help Tips to get rid of Internet Addiction

  • In the first place agree that this addiction is growing on you and it has the potential to harm in the long run.
  • Fall in love again with mother nature. Choose morning walks , evening strolls , weekend picnics, camping, rafting or any outdoor activity that can be pursued regularly.
  • Make it a practice to pick up phone and call your old friends , relatives and renew your ties. Ensure you create small occasions to catch up with them.
  • Start the old practice of sending hand written letters and greeting cards. Trust you me it means a lot.
  • Pick up old hobbies , interests and channelize them into something more prominent and more visible.
  • Set a fixed duration for internet usage and clearly define what is work and what is non work.
  • Spend quality time with family . Dining together , playing games with kids, going for a walk, outings , simple moments to laugh and cry together will cement our ties and make our life richer by priceless happiness.
  • Ultimately reviewing that your dependency and over reliance on internet as a means for happiness is unrealistic and absurd. With time you will realize that Internet is just a tool , a technology to aid your growth, to progress your career and only a small bit to remain connected with family and friends.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fallen Feather Flying High (55 Fiction)

Feather Flying in the Sky
Feather Flying in the Sky

Fallen feather ends on a high. Traveled across the oceans, seen the mountain tops, flew across the valleys and kissed the blue skies.

How many of us are useful in our second lives? The feather will tell us how fortunate it is, to be a paint brush or a pen describing its own thrilled life.

P.S. - I have written 55 word fiction for the first time ever and this post has been inspired by Valli's Blog. Read her 55 word fiction titled "Fallen Feather (55 Fiction) here".

Friday, March 15, 2013

Stop being a sheep in the herd

Perfection is a Journey
Perfection is a Journey
Flocking with the herd might not serve any purpose and even a horse in the crowd will be called a sheep. A very handful of us would ever say that they fight every moment for their honour. Strange isn't it ?? Ask successful men or women,what drives them to strive for success in fields of their occupation? Some wish to be rich, some powerful, others want illustrious positions in life and some seek name and fame. Unless and until the end result puts us high on the societal pedestal and we progress as per Maslow's hierarchy of needs it means nothing.  It's the end result that becomes the connoisseur of all eyes. Never have i seen the society nor its citizens asking for excellence,perfection or honor in the task. Do we recognize services , deeds ,jobs ,vocations that only want the best to serve them and have we created avenues for those illustrious people to pursue their tasks with unrelenting passion?Are we accepting with pride and without prejudice that one has the right to pursue dreams that can set us apart from lesser mortals ? Have we ever thought of adopting a culture that allows exceptional hard work ,unrelenting perseverance , unparalleled  passion ,impeccable  integrity and  mighty visions to nurture ?

These attributes might seem strange and even frivolous to some but let me tell you , there exists a mass that finds virtue in them.Their will is to improve and incrementally improve every moment and gradually reach a plane where only honour matters, only satisfaction returns, only self pride exists and only beaming eyes sparkle.For me as an individual these virtues hold great esteem and may be some of you reading this post would empathize with me. It is the confidence of my parents , the expectation of my wife , the faith of my son , the vindication of my colleagues and my self respect for my own work. It is this personal intangible that i  prize , i defend and that drives me to slog . If this is the reason why i work like crazy then my definition of being successful might not be same as for others. Well if this world would not have defined the end result of all endeavors and laid an aspiration map for us i would have never run this rat race. Since i am there with everyone else i am governed with same set of rules and will get measured with the same 'materialistic yardstick'. Given a chance i will be a part of the different world i mentioned above.

I will propagate and  promote a culture that gives freedom to think , to question , to learn and unlearn , to improve and to set new standards. A learning that does not comes entirely from books but the practical and stark realities of life. A vision that is overwhelming , a task that is daunting and the desire that is all consuming and the search for knowledge that is never ending. My quest to seek solace in whatever little i do continues and my wish to break free from conventions will survive.