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Friday, December 02, 2011

I will call you back

In today’s world our lives have been limited by gadgets and internet.  What still remains as an alibi to physical togetherness is the satisfaction to have communicated with our near and dear ones using technology. Considering these devices as the only medium of our connection to the outer world we still need to say very often ‘I will call you back’. Our busy schedules puts stress on our minds and it scampers for time to pay equal attention to multiple events and people.

Be it a  professional or personal connect everyone hears the same cliched reply but the probability of professional acquaintances receiving our call back is higher compared to our kith and kin.

Spending Time with Family is Important

There were days when I used to sit with my sisters, brothers and friends and share each and every event of life though how much insignificant it might be. Occasions like festivals, birthdays, and marriages had only one thing in common i.e. meeting and being together. The pranks, fights, stupid activities, movies, eating outs had one unifying theme of physical presence. Life was much simpler then and the outside world was not so big . I would say means were limited, dreams were small and there was a fear to explore beyond the laid boundaries.

Today we have come a long way from that era and possibilities are limitless. We earn packages, afford vehicles, spend on luxury and other thrills that money can buy. The only change is we end up enjoying these phases in isolation and away from our families. I very often wish on many moments that my parents, siblings and friends were with me to experience the joy. It still remains a wish most of the times.

To bring out my point, all I say is we end up neglecting those who grew up with us, who shared our successes and failures and who care for us like no one else. With each passing day our bonding with relatives and friends grows weaker, understanding of them diminishes and our fondness for them grows faint. We cannot change the way the world is being run, nor switch our jobs to our hometowns or be at every event in the family. One thing that we can always and should do is call back as soon as we find time. You never know there are some whose world is still small .



Readitt said...

truly said Mr.Vivek.

most of us are suffering with this syndrome.

i feel we are connected,, joined your site too (the e magazine)

p00ja said...

So true Vivek, we have more gadgets, more resources that make things and work easy, but less and less time.
Especially for our near and dear ones.
BTW, welcome to indiblogger.

Viveksheel said...

Thanks Gowardhan and Pooja for appreciating my post. I write on issues that have a connect with our day to day lives somewhere. Keep connected and keep blogging !!