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Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Newspaper Boy

There are certain events that intrinsically become part and parcel of our daily lives. Ever imagined start of a day without sipping a cup of hot tea while scouring a fresh newspaper ?? The answer will be a resounding NO. This premise will gradually change and get diluted, as Mr. Amitabh Bachaan says in his recent tweets.

T 1007 -I felt incomplete without reading all the morning papers. Not any more. Days go by without them. I get what I want from the net !!

Gadgets, Smart phones and PDA's will bombard us with news, news and news not leaving people with enough interest to savoir the paper format of the same. Before that happens and we enter big time into the internet era let me for the sake of this article assume that my readers are avid newspaper consumers.

Morning Newspaper is sweet wait
Morning Newspaper is sweet wait
I am an early riser from my school days and  from the moment i woke up, my ears waited for that 'thud' signalling the arrival of the newspaper. There was curiosity,excitement and an expectation for some or the other surprise. This ritual of my wait and the affair that started with the newspaper carries on till today and i must admit i am in love with this daily occurrence. One thing that has only changed in this cycle of events is ' The Newspaper Boy'. Out of all boys ,one in particular i remember is in my hometown who must be of my age and he has been hurtling the paper at my house for the past 20 years or so. Though he works as an agent in some insurance company he still starts his day by touching 200-250 households everyday An amazing feat by all standards!!

 Ever wondered what is takes to be a newspaper boy, let me try and give a perspective to it. For him to be on roads at 5 30 AM and start delivery he has to get up at 4 AM nearly and collect and arrange his stock by 5 AM. Not only this task requires discipline , dedication but also precision and commitment. Day after day , season after season he toils to put smile on your faces and give a boost to your mornings. Be it chilling winters , merciless rains , scorching summers he consistently delivers his services without fail. Never have we thought of granting him a routine off , festival  or a privilege leave; though we find time to relax and rejuvenate during holidays, relishing our bundle of paper. Nor have we ever considered giving him a gift as a token of appreciation for his hard work.

I would thank my 'Newspaper Boy' for his tireless, 'not so tangible effort' in giving a wonderful start to my day. I will also pick up and imbibe from him the quality of rising early, keeping hale and hearty by cycling for some good distance and spreading joy with simple acts of his. Who knows i might be your next 'Newspaper Boy ' :)