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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sherlyn Chopra in Playboy

Kamasutra Girl - Sherlyn Chopra
Kamasutra Girl - Sherlyn Chopra

"Sherlyn Chopra, who recently posed nude for Playboy, has said that she should be honoured with the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna. The model, who is the first Indian to grace the magazine’s cover insisted that the act should be regarded as ‘the highest degree of service' towards the country" - From the Press.

It will not be long when we will hear similar statements from Sunny Leone , Poonam Pandey , Roselyn Khan and many other wannabe Playboy models . Nothing wrong in it but only, if wishes were horses, definitely fools would ride.  It is not a cakewalk to feel and express sensuality clubbing it with nakedness, the portrayal of which is raw lust and dirty passion.  We need to seriously understand individuals like these and what makes them uninhibited and daring beyond our imagination. 

So let me try reading the mind of one Ms Sherlyn Chopra.

I am young, have ‘good assets’ and a good personality. So what?? So many girls in the industry have the same and they are ready to go ‘an extra bit too’.  How do I differentiate myself from the rest of the crowd?? What are my selling points?? What are my strengths?? What is that I need to do to become famous and successful??

Let me try acting in Bollywood movies…….

Few ‘good services’ like the above one and 2-3 movies see the light of the day. Still success, name, fame and money eludes me…..Sigh!!

What next Sherlyn??

I need to get in news like Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey for that a monumental act has to follow. Once people talk and discuss about me, opportunities will emerge from nowhere. So the basic thing is I have to make people talk about me. My name needs to trend in the media.

For people to talk about me there has to be a reason. There has to be image that I need to create, a brand of self that I need to build and a cause that I need to be known for.  The underlying theme is that I am looking for an identity. In the industry only three things sell “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment” and I will provide that. A clear case of Identity crisis and a modus operandi will be worked out to establish that.

Since this world is dominated by males and they are the ones to approve or disapprove of an aspirant like me why not block their complete imagination with my view. What they keep ogling at, and what they most fervently desire is what I propose to display, but will not provide it. I will trade in the goods that are tangible only to the limit of satisfying someone’s pleasure and lust.  This transaction will happen and also not happen exactly, but I would have derived mileage from this vicarious experience.Consider the amount of people flocking to see me in person , checking me out on the internet and my website, saving my 'classy pictures' and sharing them. I will cater to a sizable population of old and young and reach out to masses. That is why I will term my act as the service of the highest order for the nation.

While I swim in a pool, squirm on a bed or do all sorts of aerobics (all naked off course) and being photographed, I have provided a noble service to all. The service is not only pleasing to the senses, gratifying to the male lust and reaffirms their misconception that I am most cheaply available. In these mind games I will have some connoisseur like Hugh Hefner who will give me a chance without really asking ‘anything extra’( anyways people know it). In this run I will find a benevolent high society ass that will shower upon me money, name and fame. All in all my objectives will be met!! 

Hail Ms Sherlyn Chopra, her plans and her debut at Playboy. I wish her all the best , nothing against her ‘talent’ and her smartness in being the first indian to become Hugh Hefner’s bunny. See I am talking about you in my blog that means your one objective of being talked about has been met. In fact Shobha De even found you worth a mention in her latest blog articles.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Girl Named Betty - Limerick

Limerick on Betty
Limerick on Betty
There was a young girl named betty,
Who always wore frocks too pretty,
When she went to the pub,
Boys gathered in a hub,
A usual affair for the beauty.

Random Quotes #56

When people can't  hear the other person on the phone line they start speaking loudly. Buddy they can hear you it's you who can't  !!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Take a 'Healthy Hair Quiz' soon

My wife has normal hair, they are smooth, shining, buoyant, supple and convenient to maintain. She has a healthy scalp and needs to pay minimal attention to keep them that way. She can be good model for a shampoo brand because of her wonderful tresses but everything was not picture perfect from the outset. So let me take you back in time, say by 15-18 months. One fine day my wife took an online quiz to assess how healthy her scalp is. The day to day grind and continuous travel had left her little time to take care of her hair and the results proved it.


Her face turned pale as the one personal thing that she was so proud of was given a verdict of being ‘Severely Damaged’. The suggested remedies were using best of the breed shampoo, conditioner, oil, styling products and proper hair care but one word stood out and that was ‘Changing Lifestyle’. She was already using good hair care products(that includes Dove), but here the issue was much deeper and she had to bring in couple of changes in her day to day life.  She started a journey to regain a healthy scalp and a ‘firm resolve’ stood by this aspiration... and that was the end of her hair problems!!
There were areas of improvement identified with logic behind the change and the procedure to adopt.

Eat healthy for beautiful hair
Eat healthy for beautiful hair
Regular Habits like healthy diet and good amount of rest have a great impact on the quality of hair. Hence we both decided to include more Proteins,Vitamins and Minerals in our diet. The proportion of fruits, vegetables and milk was equally increased; plenty of water, fruit juice and soups became mandatory. Coffee and Tea was cut down at home to from three times to just once a day. The weekly shopping list underwent a healthy change and aspects like nutritional value, calories, energy, vitamins became discussion point at home.

Exercise Regularly to keep fit
Exercise Regularly to keep fit
Exercises were identified as a must and the best mode for rejuvenation of the body and soul. Even the literature available on net suggests that 'Regular exercises can accelerate the circulatory system which guarantees sufficient blood supply to all the cells. Abundant blood supply helps in growth by restoration and repair of tresses.’ I proposed running as the best exercise for the body as I am an avid runner. It was tough convincing her on this count but she gave it a good try. New sport shoes, jogging tracks, cap, sunglasses were bought at the earliest opportunity and my dear wife decided to run along with me. Quite a dreadful task for her and I was wondering how long can she keep up with it. But to my surprise she slowly managed to run a good kilometer every morning. Now she needs a moderate jog for 10-15 minutes and to keep the  healthy glow on her face.

Stress free life is long life
Stress free life is long life
Stress - We are a working couple and work pressure, anxiety, stress,  demanding schedules takes a toll on our health. It was decided between us that we will not discuss office life at home and lay some ground rules while working at home. No late night slogging unless and until it can’t be done away with, short calls to discuss work with colleagues , dedicated slots for working in the weekend. Time permitting we will relax in the weekends by watching a good movie, sharing a good book or eating out light.

This entire effort took both of us a good one year to get life back on track. What started with a motive of regaining healthy hair taught us that hairs mirror our complete health. To boast of lofty, shining, lustrous and beautiful hair all you need to do is live a healthy life!!

Thanks Dove for inviting posts on this topic, I am more than happy to share with the world our story of healthy hair and healthy life !!

Dove Indiblogger Blogging Contest
Dove Indiblogger Blogging Contest

To know how hair aware are you go through this link Dove hair-aware app.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Words......Silence.........and You !!

Word, Silence and You Poem
Word, Silence and You
Words,words and a web of words
Hollow and shallow
Weightless and excruciating
Enervating and exhausting
Suffocating and life threatening
Volumes and volumes
Without an essence

And somewhere within myself
Silence and peace
That's energizing
A kind of quietness
That blossoms life

Still mind
That protects me
From the din and the noise
That breathes in me life again
And in those lively moments
Your thoughts filled with love
Yes it's you 'My life' !!

This is my English interpretation of the poem  "शब्द....शांति .....और तुम....."  by Anu.

Please visit her blog

बातें बातें बातें....शब्दों के जाल....
खोखली बातें,बेमतलब की बातें...
भारी भरकम और निरर्थक बातें...
उबाऊ बातें...थकाऊ बातें.. 
घुटन भरी बातें,जानलेवा बातें....
सैकड़ों,हज़ारों बातें.
कोई संवाद नहीं....

और कहीं
एक अबोलापन 
एक शान्ति... जो ऊर्जा देती है
एक गहन शान्ति...
पुनर्जीवित करता सन्नाटा...

जो मेरी रक्षा करती है
इन अंतहीन बातों से..
जो मुझमें जीवन का संचार करती है...
वो "तुम" हो...
तुम ही तो हो....

And Interestingly both of our creations are a manifestation of the original written by Amit Agarwal

Please visit his post at

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Pending Journey

Landscape outside the Train Window
Landscape outside the Train Window
The shrieking sound of the engines signaled start of a train journey. I had willingly chosen to travel by train, though this could have been easily covered by air in lesser time. The first thing i did was to switch off my cell phone and snap all ties with the world outside. My appearance conveyed my status and lineage but  nothing beyond that. I wanted to be anonymous for the rest of the journey with no semblance of my occupation in life nor the preoccupations of my mind. 

There was this book of short stories that i had carried along with me and decided to read through.The stories were short ,lucid, meaningful and very relevant to various stages of human life. As i gleaned through, the realization dawned upon me that these creative pieces talked about  myriad facets of life. Our dreams, ambitions , aspirations, love , hate , relationships , career, family and work . To my surprise it seemed to me that the author was someone very close to me in real life. His observations and portrayal looked quite realistic and true. I was amazed by his mental abilities to read human mind and behavior. I understood each theme but somehow found myself moved away from these subtle humane experiences.

My work had become my instrument for happiness and pride. With arduous labor i had built a career that was rewarding , scintillating and blooming . A  loving family to support , material possession ,good money to take care of the rest of the life and still a question. Had i lived or just passed through life ?? Sadly i had to admit i just lived day by day engrossed in web of my own doings. The milestones that excited me when i was young, no more looked menacing. No tasks seemed daunting enough to gear up again.  No cause seemed larger enough than life. Probably when you reach the zenith there is a sense of hollowness and vacuum. After years i had lifted my head to look around the world, to feel the fresh air, to see the multiple colours and realized it had been long i have been running.

Wish  i had taken this journey years back and read this author to be able to decide to run a bit slower !!