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Monday, December 10, 2007


That night the sea was fuming with rage and the waves had gone berserk. There stood in the middle of the storm a ship too tiny for the mighty oceans. It seemed that the young Captain was the first one to face god's wrath. His expressions showed reverence and fear for the water gods but there was a strange sense of confidence and resolve. He stood on the bridge not to save his life but to fulfill a duty and show his mettle. This was a strange battle between the mountain and the mole.

The winds were picking speed and the sea was becoming choppier. The railings dipped into water and she was tossed like a toy on the sea bed. The waters crossed from one side to another and there was hardly any headway for the vessel. Sensing the eminent peril the Captain calculated his chances of safety. They were heavily weighed against human life. The only ray of hope lied in altering the course and navigate away from the storm. The speed had come down to naught and some spate of luck was required for the winds to push the ship to a different path.

Ship caught in the storm

The helmsman had years of experience at the wheel but tonight she seemed very difficult to command. Time was running out and the storm was getting mightier. The Captain read the storm reports and they all indicated North westerly winds; if he could turn the helm by 60 -70 degrees the ship might pick wind's speed. Instinctively the Captain took helm and said his prayers for the safety of his ship, his crew and his cargo. The face was shining with grit, steel determination and a faith to win battle for his crew.

The helm started turning and with each degree she became more unruly. The vessel pitched and pounded and the steel toy was heaving for breath. The officer slowed down the engines to reduce the impact of the slapping waves and frantically monitored the ship’s controls and equipments. Slowly she started turning but the situation became grimmer. She was listing a lot more while turning and if the cargo shifted the ship could capsize. This was a gamble with life that the Captain played.

Every second was so tense but he never left the helm and his sense of resposiblity.The compass was turning and it had to turn 15-20 degrees more for a better situation. He kept his gaze fixed on the logs for them to register any speed. With firm hands he handled the helm and suddenly the needles of the log started fluttering. She was picking speed and had started to move with the winds. A ray of hope showed on his face and he watched his luck. His prayers had been answered and the ship was gathering speed unimaginable to the engines.

She had moved pretty far from the storm by now. The height of the waves was dying down and the vessel was sailing steady. He stood on the bridge wings and watched the storm behind. The winds ruffled his hairs and the breeze was safer one. Everyone on board felt proud of the Captain’s competence and jurisdiction and were full of praises for him. He stood in silence, looked upwards and smiled gently. His faith became stronger in creator of these elements of nature.