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Saturday, December 31, 2011

5 New Year Resolutions with a difference

So friends another year is winding up its business and creating space for the new one to set up its shop. We all at some point or the other, around this time of the year make New Year resolutions. They last till the will to carry them lasts but still the fun to make a new one every year is exciting. Here are five of the few resolutions that are a bit different but you may like to consider!!

1.  I will not eat what I like – Why would I suggest a resolve like this?? Well if you stay home with parents why not give mom a reason to feel that her kid has come out of age. Anyways once you step out of home there will be no home cooked food to pamper you. In case you are married your spouse can experiment with lots of other alternatives and you never know your home could become famous for your refined tastes and varied cuisines. J

Table Manners

2    2.   I will not wear what I like -   God now this is not acceptable!! I am sure many of you will put your foot down on this. Well if your friends and family praise you for your dressing sense it can become lots better if you choose to take some new tips to dress. In case you dress like a bore or an oldie or say out of fashion why not dress the way icons do. Worth considering if you want to innovate with your looks and bring in some oomph factor with the clothes you wearJ

Getting dressed for office
Getting dressed for office

3    3.  I will not talk to my old friends – Jesus this is insane!! Well I agree but what is great in carrying same old conversations with the same set of people. Some of them are close no doubt, some just good to have and few are even intolerant. They all have known us for years and they have stopped pointing our good or bad. Moreover I feel some take us for granted and don’t value our ‘special company’. So time to take a diversion and make them long for you. The more you go away the better will be their choices of abuses and ways to get you back J
Friends are life
Friends are life

4.  I will not follow the same routine day after day- I guess this could be interesting for some of us. I am sure daily chores like cooking, laundry , housekeeping bore homemakers, studies, college, make the students hate it, and same old job doesn’t interests working men/ women too. Will it not make sense if we swap some roles at home? Bunk some classes at college? Or change the way we work in office? This will keep us unsettled and excited for the new challenges that we create for ourselves J

Daily Routine LIfecyle
Daily Routine 

5   5.   I will not do the right things everyday - This is getting curious as to why am I suggesting doing things wrong!! You all would agree we stop learning beyond an age. This is not because we have become pundit of all trades in life, but because all the mistakes have taught us a lesson. These experiences make us more intelligent and wise. I say start doing mistakes again, appear foolish, laugh at your own self and then enjoy life with a new motto to learn fresh J
Learning from own mistakes
Learning from own mistakes

Don’t do different things in life do things differently J  .Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2012 !!



DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

LOL :)
happy year ahead !

aativas said...

I will actually need 'another' life to do these things :-)