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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Santa Claus and the Christmas Tree
Santa Claus and the Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas

The year is running its last lap,
Here comes Santa with red cap.
He carries wonderful gifts for us,
All children are so curious.

This year you will be my new avatar,
Said Santa, and spread happiness afar.
So here i bring to the kid in you,
Happiness,mirth,laughter and gifts too.

May this Christmas be like never before,
I wish you joys and fun galore.
Years later when you remember me,
Become a Santa for someone cheerfully.

Monday, December 10, 2007


That night the sea was fuming with rage and the waves had gone berserk. There stood in the middle of the storm a ship too tiny for the mighty oceans. It seemed that the young Captain was the first one to face god's wrath. His expressions showed reverence and fear for the water gods but there was a strange sense of confidence and resolve. He stood on the bridge not to save his life but to fulfill a duty and show his mettle. This was a strange battle between the mountain and the mole.

The winds were picking speed and the sea was becoming choppier. The railings dipped into water and she was tossed like a toy on the sea bed. The waters crossed from one side to another and there was hardly any headway for the vessel. Sensing the eminent peril the Captain calculated his chances of safety. They were heavily weighed against human life. The only ray of hope lied in altering the course and navigate away from the storm. The speed had come down to naught and some spate of luck was required for the winds to push the ship to a different path.

Ship caught in the storm

The helmsman had years of experience at the wheel but tonight she seemed very difficult to command. Time was running out and the storm was getting mightier. The Captain read the storm reports and they all indicated North westerly winds; if he could turn the helm by 60 -70 degrees the ship might pick wind's speed. Instinctively the Captain took helm and said his prayers for the safety of his ship, his crew and his cargo. The face was shining with grit, steel determination and a faith to win battle for his crew.

The helm started turning and with each degree she became more unruly. The vessel pitched and pounded and the steel toy was heaving for breath. The officer slowed down the engines to reduce the impact of the slapping waves and frantically monitored the ship’s controls and equipments. Slowly she started turning but the situation became grimmer. She was listing a lot more while turning and if the cargo shifted the ship could capsize. This was a gamble with life that the Captain played.

Every second was so tense but he never left the helm and his sense of resposiblity.The compass was turning and it had to turn 15-20 degrees more for a better situation. He kept his gaze fixed on the logs for them to register any speed. With firm hands he handled the helm and suddenly the needles of the log started fluttering. She was picking speed and had started to move with the winds. A ray of hope showed on his face and he watched his luck. His prayers had been answered and the ship was gathering speed unimaginable to the engines.

She had moved pretty far from the storm by now. The height of the waves was dying down and the vessel was sailing steady. He stood on the bridge wings and watched the storm behind. The winds ruffled his hairs and the breeze was safer one. Everyone on board felt proud of the Captain’s competence and jurisdiction and were full of praises for him. He stood in silence, looked upwards and smiled gently. His faith became stronger in creator of these elements of nature.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Flight Journey

I took my first flight at an age of 18 and it was an experience first of its kind. Since then i have lost count of many such journeys .The thrill of ascent , steady flight 9-10 Kms above the sea level, the food just sufficient , the calmness in thoughts, the uncertainty every second and then the relief on the wheels touching the ground. This is what i would encapsulate the whole journey in.

My First Flight Journey
My First Flight Journey

Many a times in these calm moments my thoughts drifted to my loved ones and i felt so much close to them. It would not be wrong to say that moments like these give us a chance to be true to ourselves and our thoughts.

At home when i lie down on my terrace and see the sky above i tend to believe in fables and stories of gods and fairies though flying at thousands of feet don't give me that impression. Clouds and stars which hinder the view of lesser mortals do that rightfully to keep the faith intact.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Monk who sold his Ferrari

Book Reading : The Monk who sold his Ferrari
Book Reading : The Monk who sold his Ferrari

Sunday is the favorite day of the week for me guess so. The day started with 20 minutes run on the track, breakfast and reading 'Sunday Times '. A light nap , some good Table Tennis (TT) lesson by Narendra and then lunch.

What is worth mentioning is the evening when i attended a book reading event on "The Monk who sold his Ferrari"  by Robin Sharma . The artistes performing were Dr. Ian Barker and Faishal Rashid and both were excellent in their part.I had read the book 2 years back and after the event ended, all was fresh in my memory again . Those seven principles, the magical fable , the sumo wrestler , the garden, the lighthouse and so many of thought provoking ideas. It was an excellent evening and i felt putting my Sunday to good use. Another small initiative to condition my mind and take it to brighter things in life. I certainly feel life is all about being self aware and seeking answers to questions that puzzle self. To get more clarity about life's purpose and our higher calling we should strive to reduce the clutter and lead a simple life.The purpose of life is a life with a purpose.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dialogue with Self

In past I wrote to raise a silent battle against the circumstances,to put on a piece of paper the sketch of a mind so helpless and so tied . Today when i write the color of my writing is more bright , thoughts more colorful and the need not so pensive. The probable explanation could be a shift in my mindset , a newer approach to see life and a different manner to accept changes. I even write to read these pieces of my mind years later to analyse the short runs of my career.

As i live life the impetus would certainly be on evolving and its heartening to know that i am capturing the thoughts that question my conventional behavior. Wisdom is not in knowing all the good things in life it would be knowing how to implement even few of them. The first step in this present evolution is learning what my heart wants to do. That's a bigger challenge than doing the final act . When I walk alone or with friends, the zest is to make me realize of the missing jigsaw pieces from my life. As a matter of fact many of them are strewn over unknown lands , written over known and unknown faces and links to all of them lie within . This is a really an interesting phase learning how to read my own thoughts , know myself deep within and find time to do what i longed for. Thoughts won't be suffice if i try explaining this state of mind but yes the calmness is setting in.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Do we need words between us

Do we need words ??? I ask you sweetheart this very basic question.......if you need words to reply; the question remains still unanswered. Was ruminating over my past life and found that there was no special significance of a female and if it was was just an infatuation that faded away as neatly as the strength of it in the beginning.Why do i feel something special when i talk to you .....why your presence makes my heart flutter, why do i wait for you like never before. 

Let me reach a time where my existence is because of you, where my thoughts are of you where my life is you. It's not a relationship it is starting of a pure and a beautiful bond.They say love is the most beautiful thing that happened in this world. Am i invited ? Wish you can reply me without words.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Rat Race Begins

I wanted to write when i picked up job after a two year stint at IIFT , when the new year arrived with newer hopes , when i celebrated my 27th birthday but the writer in me turned lazy.Anyways here i am still undecided what aspect of myself to portray this time.A milestone has been reached and another chapter of the same book is going to start. Why i feel there is something else that is waiting for me ?? Some shores still where i have never been, acts which i never did, moments that i never lived.

Vivek.......this is for sure you are not running this time from the world but yes going in a direction which a sensible , ambitious and career conscious person will choose. I feel i am not running for a dream anymore i am running for a cause larger than me, larger than my life. I always felt the visibility in life has decreased and all is shrouded by mystery and you always came in various forms and guided this wrecked ship. This time the ship is healthy the navigator is, but the course is for an uncharted territory. The land of surprises ........the life unexplored.