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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sherlyn Chopra in Playboy

Kamasutra Girl - Sherlyn Chopra
Kamasutra Girl - Sherlyn Chopra

"Sherlyn Chopra, who recently posed nude for Playboy, has said that she should be honoured with the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna. The model, who is the first Indian to grace the magazine’s cover insisted that the act should be regarded as ‘the highest degree of service' towards the country" - From the Press.

It will not be long when we will hear similar statements from Sunny Leone , Poonam Pandey , Roselyn Khan and many other wannabe Playboy models . Nothing wrong in it but only, if wishes were horses, definitely fools would ride.  It is not a cakewalk to feel and express sensuality clubbing it with nakedness, the portrayal of which is raw lust and dirty passion.  We need to seriously understand individuals like these and what makes them uninhibited and daring beyond our imagination. 

So let me try reading the mind of one Ms Sherlyn Chopra.

I am young, have ‘good assets’ and a good personality. So what?? So many girls in the industry have the same and they are ready to go ‘an extra bit too’.  How do I differentiate myself from the rest of the crowd?? What are my selling points?? What are my strengths?? What is that I need to do to become famous and successful??

Let me try acting in Bollywood movies…….

Few ‘good services’ like the above one and 2-3 movies see the light of the day. Still success, name, fame and money eludes me…..Sigh!!

What next Sherlyn??

I need to get in news like Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey for that a monumental act has to follow. Once people talk and discuss about me, opportunities will emerge from nowhere. So the basic thing is I have to make people talk about me. My name needs to trend in the media.

For people to talk about me there has to be a reason. There has to be image that I need to create, a brand of self that I need to build and a cause that I need to be known for.  The underlying theme is that I am looking for an identity. In the industry only three things sell “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment” and I will provide that. A clear case of Identity crisis and a modus operandi will be worked out to establish that.

Since this world is dominated by males and they are the ones to approve or disapprove of an aspirant like me why not block their complete imagination with my view. What they keep ogling at, and what they most fervently desire is what I propose to display, but will not provide it. I will trade in the goods that are tangible only to the limit of satisfying someone’s pleasure and lust.  This transaction will happen and also not happen exactly, but I would have derived mileage from this vicarious experience.Consider the amount of people flocking to see me in person , checking me out on the internet and my website, saving my 'classy pictures' and sharing them. I will cater to a sizable population of old and young and reach out to masses. That is why I will term my act as the service of the highest order for the nation.

While I swim in a pool, squirm on a bed or do all sorts of aerobics (all naked off course) and being photographed, I have provided a noble service to all. The service is not only pleasing to the senses, gratifying to the male lust and reaffirms their misconception that I am most cheaply available. In these mind games I will have some connoisseur like Hugh Hefner who will give me a chance without really asking ‘anything extra’( anyways people know it). In this run I will find a benevolent high society ass that will shower upon me money, name and fame. All in all my objectives will be met!! 

Hail Ms Sherlyn Chopra, her plans and her debut at Playboy. I wish her all the best , nothing against her ‘talent’ and her smartness in being the first indian to become Hugh Hefner’s bunny. See I am talking about you in my blog that means your one objective of being talked about has been met. In fact Shobha De even found you worth a mention in her latest blog articles.



umashankar said...

Why is Sherlyn Chopra hankering after small change? She can look forward to becoming our next president.

Viveksheel said...

I second your thought US. In a country like ours a Prime Minister's cook can go on to become a president some day. Importantly spending the full inglorious term taking foreign jaunts and giving mercy to the already dead.
It's time my milkman , domestic help, car driver and other such people of repute be given a chance to run for the post of the 'Head of the State'. If all these people can, Ms Sherlyn Chopra can definitely think of a bright career ahead.