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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sales is the greatest profession in this world

There are thousand of jobs people can chose from, to make a living yet few stand apart by the basic nature of their profile. Till few years back i used to believe doctors, military personnel, administrators, artists and politicians are rare breed and they rightfully command the respect for their professions in the society, but not anymore. After spending more than 10+ years in IT industry doing Sales for services and product companies i have realized that Sales is world's greatest profession and it should be recognized as one. I being a Sales guy myself will delve further on to this self propagated theory.

Think of any sphere in your life and their will be products or services that you ,your family, relatives and friends are consuming. Like it or not, you are sold on to those and that's why they are taking away a share of your wallet on priority. Though i believe that intrinsic nature of goods and services is a major parameter considered before buying but unless and until a smart salesperson sells you that idea or concept one does not realize the complete benefit of it. To add to this, take a thorough look at all your major and minor purchases in life and i bet not all of them were necessarily required and even if they were, a god send sales person made you realize the need for it.

Let me give some more insights into a Sales person profile and how this breed is far more superior than rest of the crowd. 90% of job profiles are clearly defined , expected deliverable and outcomes written over in the form of Job Descriptions (JD's) but for poor sales guys there is just one deliverable and that is Sales and achievement of targets and no one tells you how to reach the finish line.  Neither the inventor of the product/service , nor your employer nor the HR has the slightest of the idea as to how these front end guys will make their salaries and their variables but they hardly give you a choice. Now this supposedly omniscient creature has to pull out all tricks from his sleeves and make the magic happen. One got to think out of box, assess all the loose ends , prepare as many propositions as needed , patiently pursue the sale and chase it till completion. Think of this single guy as a deadly combination of technical, commercial , legal who is high on interpersonal skills, negotiation abilities and best networking capabilities. Also, ironically  for a sales professional failure is individual and success belongs to the complete organization. All in all, a sales guy to become successful should be a 'Superman' who has all the arrows in his quiver. 

Credit:Google Images

No idea in this world ever became acceptable or reached to masses till it was taken up by a confident ,smart, suave ,dynamic, ambitious and visionary Sales person.  Would you and me be flying on planes ,using electronic gadgets ,consuming delightful services and affording luxury had it not been presented to us as an option or an alternative in the first place? Behind every major breakthrough, every empire, every growth story someone from the elite sales fraternity decided to make it a reality. Dear Friends ! if you have read this post till this point i am sure you would be a little jealous of this superior and elite community but let's sportingly accept the fact that Sales is the greatest profession in this world. Sales person are a different breed and after all a sale is a sale as it sets the cash registers rolling and the entire drama in this world is about taking your money honey !


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Image Credit : Google Images

Season’s Greetings for a Happy New Year 2017

For the last time today, I will stop
To reflect on the year that is passing by
Take a stock of what I could or I could not
Smile on wins and humbled by losses

For the last time today, I will ponder
To count my blessings that I earned
Thank all those who came along or left
Carry the good and forget the bitter

For the last time today, I will regret
To have missed opportunities
Relationships that I could not keep
Self-Goals that I did or did not accomplish

But for a life time, I will uphold
To keep giving my best
With renewed focus and nerve
And be the best I can

Welcoming new year with open arms
Wishes for colleagues, family and friends
To make this year even better than before
Happiness ,Success and Good Health at galore !

Sunday, December 04, 2016

I am in love again

When in love announce to the world, blessings come home soon. Family and friends will make it a great feeling to live with, and the heart will know it has found the reason for its existence.

24th June, 2016 is when i saw her for the first time and it was love at first sight. I know i am a married man but have i not been telling my wife for so long that i will have a rocking affair going on soon.  Alas ! i found her after so many years. I dreamt of her , made plans for future even before i knew she was going to come in my life. Was there a thought so dear in the last few years that engrossed me so deeply? Guess not. So when i saw her beautiful face, rosy lips , sparkling eyes and a touch that tickled me to the core, love was committed for life.
Credit: Google Images

Interestingly my new found love is one sided because she has not uttered a word so far. Few mumbling , playful sounds and all smiles is what i get always. Enough for me to come back again and again with a hope that soon she will reciprocate and if not it does not even matter. Such strong is the feeling in love that no cost is dear to be with that special one. I have chosen to pursue my part diligently for the rest of my life and give the best to my sweetheart.

We will go for walks,long drives , movies , theatres , malls, pubs, discos and what not. I intend to give my tooth and nail to be with her at each opportunity. I would want her to sing someday , may be play an instrument , recite some poems , give speeches on a public forum , dance to her heart's will. So many things to discuss between two of us, important decisions to make , ideas to nurture and memories to create. I can't tell how much excited i am, to live for these future events.

So Ladies and Gentleman , Boys and Girls , Young and Old  please join me in welcoming 'Aarna' in our lives. I am proud dad to the world's sweetest girl and commit my life for her well being, happiness and a bright future. No feeling came as close to this one and i want to close my eyes and relish each day as it passes. Aarna i want to tell you today that you are your dad's luck , fortune , happiness and love . God Bless you my angel!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Deepawali 2015

Happy Deepawali 2015

Salutations to the Lord of auspicious beginnings,
The protector and remover of obstacles in life.
Obeisance to the Goddess of prosperity, wealth,
The embodiment of beauty, grace and charm.

I invoke Shri Ganesha to accept my prayers,
To bless my family ,friends & colleagues this Deepawali.
Inspire us with creativity & content,
And bless us with intellect and wisdom.

I meditate Mahalakshmi to fulfill our desires,
Bestow my family , friends & colleagues again.
With inexhaustible wealth and prosperity,
That brings the greatest joys and satisfaction along.

May this festival be a celebration of life ,
Of vigour , intent and achievement.
The pride of improving and changing lives,
The joy of spreading smiles.

Happy Deepawali  and warm wishes to you and your family!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a bollywood classic

Tanu Weds Manu Returns - Google Images
I have watched  twice and still feel as if there is a need to sit for another show. The words that can at best describe this movie are bombastic, fantabulous, special, extraordinary and once in a decade kind of an occurrence.

I have not been able to reconcile   (best depicted by Tanuja Trivedi) with Ms. Sangwan ,they are so different that makes you believe that they are just two different individuals from a different world altogether. The dexterity and the deftness with which kangna has essayed both the roles, one really wonders if she is the same person. I get a feel as if they are real life characters and I might one day bump into Kusum Sangwan at Shivaji stadium in New Delhi. While i write this review  is running house full in the 2nd week and is for sure expected to cross 100 Cr mark in domestic business. Mind you we don’t have a Khan spearheading this movie, nor there is Akshay or Ajay adding sheen to the movie. So if in absence of these superstars one movie enters the coveted 100 Cr club there has to be something special in it. The differentiator and the hero of the movie is . She has matured beyond years in playing the double role and I would go out to say that it might even happen that this is her best ever performance in the entire lifetime.

Let’s start with the characters first. I already spoke about Kangna Ranaut and I can sum it up with one remark that if she does not win a national award for this movie it will be slight for all the hard work she has put in.  is as expressive as ever and we don’t need to add extra dialogues to his character, he is gifted to deliver the best performances with his expressions and demeanor.   my friend what have you done?? The comic timing and the gift of gab that you have, do you need anything more to prove your acting prowess? One would remember his performance in the first version of the movie and he raises the benchmark even higher. Spontaneous, brilliant and adept in his role and he deserves notice. I am sure the filmmakers are going to reward this talented actor and we will get to see more of him in the years to come.   is a synonym for intensity and passion and he carries the same fire and restlessness in this movie. His dialogues are great and delivery even greater; one would go on to repeat few of his one liner over the years. In fact this single movie has good eight to ten dialogues that are hallmark of this film. All other actors have done a wonderful job and it is not a mean feat to pull through a sequel with better commercial success.

The man who has to be rightfully credited for this movie is  . I read his interview very recently where he said , in all his movies there is a part of him and quite rightly said. The nuances have been well taken care off, the background settings are so simple and real that one can easily relate to this movie. Unless and until you grow up in that typical middle class household you will not be able to story tell such a fine script or screen play. The locales in Lucknow(UP)  ,New Delhi and Jajjar (Haryana) are ordinary and believably true, and one can easily connect with the milieu . In a nutshell the director has an eye for details and has not left a single effort to take you to a setting which is the reality of majority of north indian families. No pretenses, no goody goody feeling, no unreal world but simple and real identities and settings. Add to this the ear warming and soulful music, the journey becomes even more endearing; the songs are fresh, melodious and hummable.

The viewers have given full marks to this movie and I dare not deduct even half a point out of five. Before I close Take a bow Kumari Kusum Sangwan . What a feat! You have done the unthinkable.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Deepawali 2014

Courtesy : Google Images

The flicker the glimmer the sparkling skies,
Everything bathing in colorful lights.
The festival filling hearts with delight,
Giving us so many reasons to rejoice.

Mood is upbeat and smiles all around,
Joys bubbling with effervescence abound.
Kids running helter skelter making sounds,
Enjoyment with family and friends well found.

Spread sweets , share gifts and gesture kind,
Renew the ties between the hearts inclined.
It's all about relishing the moments combined,
Finding meaning to life with festivals to remind.

May this Diwali be brighter than ever,
Rewarding you for all your endeavor.
Ganesha's favor remain with you forever,
Goddess Lakshmi's abundance to pamper.

I wish you and your family the festivals of lights,
Make it big with blessings of the divine.
May you be happy, healthy and prosperous
Your life is a plateful and sumptuous.

Happy Deepawali 2014 !!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A happy kid makes a healthy home

It seems like the entire fulcrum of my happiness has shifted to my toddler who is going to be three soon. His ways are innocent, charming, fresh and full of love for the two people he has started relating as mom and dad.  Our world is small, yet so expansive with this beautiful gift of god and he is the binding force, source of energy, bundle of joy and the passion that keeps us going. The short description that I gave about my family would hold true for so many nuclear families and even extended homes. Consider for a moment that this precious little falls sick or stop his/her activities that have become inseparable part of our daily lives. God forbid this happens but the truth is such events inevitably do happen.

Courtesy: Indiblogger

Relating from one of the very recent experiences we have had I can tell you how excruciating it becomes to pass each moment when the child has taken ill. We reside in Northern part of india that sees extreme weather conditions, be it high temperatures in summers or chilling winters.The entire year even sees whimsical weather conditions owing to global warming and imbalance in the nature’s cycle. Add to this pollution and bad quality of air and you have a perfect case for respiratory diseases and infections. My son has been a victim of air borne infections and frequent seasonal changes which I learnt has become very common in kids in this region.
It started with the usual running nose, slight coughing and aggravated into high temperature, cold and uninterrupted coughing. Within few hours my otherwise active and naughty son was in bed suffering with high fever and cold. At first I thought this too will pass but as the hours passed by, his condition refused to correct. My wife kept on raising an alarm and pushed me to hurry up to the doctor. We visited a reputed hospital and took a set of prescriptions to bring my kid out of the current bout of illness. Things did not pick up at the pace as we expected and contacted another child specialist to get faster relief. Same medicines with higher power were prescribed and even a hint was dropped to get our kid admitted to the hospital. My wife was in tears and all I could do is hold back my emotions and handle the situation. God willing my son was back to normal in 3-4 days and we felt a bit relieved. The entire atmosphere had become so tense and monotonous in these days that we always dread facing it again.
I am of the opinion that seeing an allopathic doctor is not right and I don’t want to put my kid on Anti-biotic, Anti-allergy, Antipyretics and Analgesics. This cycle of infection, cough, cold and fever has become so repetitive and same medicines get prescribed again and again. Though I am not a medico but do understand that these allopathic medicines give temporary relief but do not provide a long term solution. The crucial aspect of treating this cyclical illness lies in improving immunity and making the kid lesser and lesser susceptible to infections. We as a family took some simple steps in building a healthy atmosphere at home for our kid. Honey , Ginger , Tulsi leaves , Chawanprash , Aamla , Herbs  etc have become an integral part of our daily lives and a deep thought goes in what we eat and how do we eat.

The closer to nature we stay more the healthier our lives becomes.  As parents we have the responsibility to provide a healthy environment to our kids and happiness will naturally follow. If the kid is healthy the entire home is cheerful and happy!

Dabur Chyawanprash’s magnificent brew of Ayurvedic herbs strengthens the body’s natural defence mechanism by stimulating your NK cells* (Natural Killer Cells). NK cells assist in fighting with virus and bacteria in your body, thus giving us increased immunity from various infections . 
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Summer Tale

Summer Holidays - Google Images
I remember waiting for summers as a kid,
End of school and holidays in bulk
TV , Indoor games ,Comics to start with,
Morning jog , cricket and movies
Grand plans to visit far off cousins,
Excitement doubled up now and then
The days were scorching and hot ,
Yet we had loads of fun.

Summer Holidays - Google Images
Rasna , Icecreams and Cold drinks,
I even won't forget savoring watermelon
Hobby classes and pursuits considered idle,
All became important as none
Clothes of bright colors and light feathers
Had never been fancied more before,
The mercury always headed north,
The hot sun showing lots of tantrums.

Summer Holidays - Google Images
Long spell of afternoon nap,
Coolers running with water up to the brim
Mom made so many dishes,
Friends invited for parties with small funds
Relatives visiting our homes for long stay,
Counting every day and enjoying together
Our world was small and summers large
The summers were indeed pleasure some.

Summer Holidays - Google Images

Sunday, June 01, 2014

ASUS Transformer Book T100 is a good bet

There were days when we as students had a dedicated computer lab with workstations that had big protruding monitors along with CPU's that had slots for 5 and half inch floppy device. Increased Processing Power, Memory, Flexibility of usage, Low Consumption, Compact and lighter hardware was on our wish list and technology has taken big leaps to hand us over the gadgets that are designed for the future. The concepts are modular, the approach is highly flexible, the inter-connectivity is seamless and the whole concept of technology has become all pervasive yet leaving space for round the clock innovations. The rate of technology obsolescence has forced the market to create gadgets which can capture the imagination of the users and let them define how they want to make the fullest use of it. This phenomenon of bidirectional dialogue and delivery has changed the business models and if put it rightly, it is “Time to Transform".

ASUS Transformer T100

ASUS has come up with a new product Transformer Book T100 ‘to transform’ user’s expectations about technology. The ASUS Transformer Book T100 comes with a detachable touch screen, a two-part dockable design, long enough battery for all-day computing, productivity features of a laptop with the portability of a tablet. The Transformer Book T100 is a combination of notebook and tablet experience bundled in one single machine with the following specifications:

Type                             2-In-1 Ultraportable Laptop with 10-Inch Tablet Operating System
CPU                              Intel® AtomTM Processor Z3740 (Up to 2.3GHz, 2M)
OPERATING SYSTEM     Windows 8.1
SCREEN                        25.6 cm (10.1) HD Glare Touch Panel
VGA                             Intel® Gen7 Graphics
RAM                             2 GB LPDDR3 1067 MHz
STORAGE                      32 GB EMMC
WIRELESS                      WLAN 802.11 b/g/n + BT 4.0
CAMERA                       1.2 Mega Pixel
BATTERY                      2 Cell
Weight                         0.54kg (Tablet) and 0.54kg (Dock)
USB 3.0                        1

My Impressions of Transformer Book T100 and how it fits my Personal & Professional lifestyle:

Aesthetic Design and light weight:   With individual weights of the Tablet and the docking station being 0.54 Kg each carrying it around is not cumbersome. The look and feel of the device gives this a perceived value higher than its cost.

I won’t mind flashing my T100 at airports and public places or even during client meetings while using it as a tablet.

Screen: Since this is a tablet as well, positioning it at different angles without any discoloration makes it better than a conventional laptop. A 10.1 inch screen is any day better than a phablet and unless once is bent upon viewing objects in a 14 -15 inch screen T 100 will work good.

The distinct advantage of a small screen with portable tablet serves my purpose of playing Subway Surfer and Temple Run.

Performance: A comparison with a full blown laptop might not serve a purpose because the comparison is between a convertible and a conventional device. It depends if one is ready to adapt to the hybrid model and in that case the performance will sound good in this price range. Multitasking, high definition games, development work is not what T 100 is good for but this should be comparable in performance to the high end note books of today.

I am yet to test if Microsoft Outlook, MS Office Suite and other necessary Software will run smoothly but looks like they should and I am happy doing that trade off with the built in portability and flexibility.

Memory: The 32GB of storage will get consumed by Windows OS and any programs that need to be installed. Additional memory will be required for media and 32 GB specification works well only if viewed as a tablet. I would think internet browsing and gaming is best suited for this memory. 

Camera: 1.2 Mega Pixel is weak and this needs to at least go up to 5 or 8 MP. Since I would be using it as a tablet, video call is definitely a feature I would like to use and need a more robust camera.

Battery: The features tell me that T 100 is capable of supporting for 10 hours of internet browsing and that is good enough any day.  This is definitely a differentiator for this product and supports mobility big time.

Priced at Rs 32,000 the Transformer Book T100 is definitely to be recommended because of its price. If comparing with Android and iOS tablets, Transformer T100 will be a distant third but as laptop it is a good bet in the same segment. When compared with conventional laptops T100 will again lack features but as a hybrid of Laptop and a Tablet T100 works. I would definitely use the gadget for its convertible docking set up , battery life , connectivity and light weight. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lok Sabha Elections 2014 Update from Delhi /NCR

Lok Sabha Elections 2014
Lok Sabha Elections 2014

1. Very recently there was an article in Times of India on the demographic change in voter's profile of Noida , pointing at addition of new residents who did not exist in 2009. I along with wife applied for new voter id card to be able to vote in Noida since going back to my hometown is not possible and i see a similar trend in other residents here. The underlying current points at awareness about these elections and how important it is for everyone to exercise his or her ballot. A positive and encouraging sign.

2. Interestingly i had an opportunity to meet Booth Level Officer (BLO) for my area and she shared that this time people are pepped up to vote for performance , economic growth and most importantly 'Change'. No prizes for guessing who is the pick of the lot 

3. I have been engaging in discussions with family, friends , strangers; online as well as offline to catch the pulse and the mood of the nation. Again the same sentiment for change is getting echoed , resentment for Congress and equal dislike for small regional parties (that very much includes AAP) is being reflected.

4. ICC world cup is underway and the creative ads by BJP have found many takers. Very simple messaging yet very powerful and effective.

5. The ads on Radio FM (Delhi) are fresh and hit a chord with the masses. I must say BJP is doing everything possible to get closer to the magic figure of 272 and this is getting clearer and clearer.

6. There are mobile vans in my area canvassing for BJP and using NaMo as the face of it, yet another marketing initiative but is getting eyeballs. The general perception is that there is battle being waged but the only man in arms is Modi and rest all party leaders are hiding in their closets. They seem disinterested , insecure , skeptical and fearful .

7. People who supported Kejriwal and AAP are feeling demoralized and cheated and have taken extreme positions which will surely reflect in their voting. Interestingly no one is discussing Congress and the entire debate is on how will Modi lift fortunes of India.

8. There are no billboards in Delhi or even Noida highlighting UPA's achievements, no ads in Radio and no effort to woo voters. Similar is the case with Mr. Kejriwal who was very vocal couple of months back but is not being seen anywhere. I don't understand why UPA has chosen a defeatist mindset.

9. In local markets more and more people are seen wearing NaMo caps where as few months back it was AAP cap. It seems that there is no secrecy left for ballot and people have taken extreme positions.

I must say the environment is heating up and we will witness a change of guard on May the 16th ,2014 . Friends please update your observations from which ever city you are in. 

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Knowledge is Great - London Business School Calling

Studying in UK

Knowledge is Great’ and if acquired in Great Britain it is greater. When I set this premise for myself there has to be a sound argument to validate and substantiate my decision. To set the context right I will throw some light on my profile that reads 7 years in shipping, 2 Years in a top notch B School in India and then 7 years of Sales & Marketing in world’s best IT companies. For more details of my work experience and employment details please feel free to check my Linked In profile. Owing to my two stints each, of 7 years in different segments I realized that there is something called ‘A seven year itch’. All the qualification and experience can serve us good for next 5 years or at the max 7 years (as in my case) and then we have to reinvent ourselves. Acquiring new knowledge is always great and to do so why not go back to the classroom where it all originally started.

Why MBA?

In the next stage of my career I want to explore newer industries, work in newer geographies and pursuing a MBA at London Business School (LBS) aptly serves my purpose. The academic rigor, the extraordinarily talented classmates, the world class faculty, the exposure to a curriculum that meets global business needs is what LBS promises and I would like to go for a MBA degree from this reputed and prestigious institution.

Class profile of MBA 2015 at London Business School
The 400+ students in the class of MBA 2015 were hand-picked from more than 2000 applications.
Class of MBA2015

My Remarks
Number of students 

Average age 
28.6 years 

Age range 
23-39 years 
I am 34 and a good time for me to pursue a 2nd MBA
Average work experience 
5.5 years 
I have 7 years of relevant Work Ex after graduation degree.
Work experience range 
2-12 years 

Average GMAT score 
Should be able to make a cut
GMAT score range 

Percentage of female students 
Inclusive participation
Nationalities represented 
Percentage of international students 
Healthy Mix

Why MBA from London School of Business?

I have been enamored by London Business School (LBS) and have always dreamt of doing MBA in Marketing from here. LBS needs no introduction and is recognized amongst world’s top business school with finest of the teachers, best in class amenities and distinguished alumni. London Business School has been ranked number one internationally for its two year MBA programme by Forbes, for the third time running.  

A small video clip from You Tube to showcase ‘Why London Business School’ makes sense.

Benefits and Career impact

Recruiters recognize a degree from an international institution very positively because it gives the candidate a chance to acquire ‘global outlook’. This quality is very important for prospective leaders as they need to manage the businesses across geographies and will need skills like critical analysis and reasoning skills, initiative and creativity, flexibility and diversity. Moreover qualifications earned in UK add lots of weightage to the resume, help in getting salary hikes and also in taking up leadership roles. To realize our own career potential as a world-class business leader we need an investment, a commitment, a determination, an ambition to pursue knowledge. Once we reach the pinnacle of our trades we will certainly agree that ‘Knowledge is Great’.

This post is for the contest on Indiblogger sponsored by British Council to promote studying in Great Britian. For more information please visit

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year - 2014

Happy New Year 2014
Happy New Year 2014


A new dawn is going to cover the night sky,
So many mornings but this one is going to fly.
If my words have the power to come true
I will write the destiny of the coming year
In happy colors of bright violet and blue
The letters echoing my mind’s anxiousness
To break the conundrum facing the brave
Making way for the fertile mind to sway
Nurturing the will to perform and not perish
Having waited long for the miseries to end
A new dawn is going to cover the night sky
So many mornings but this one is going to fly
Having failed in pursuits is not a crime
When chasing dreams was the reason to live by
So many questions and only a silence in response
I wonder my own intent and if I did put up a fight
Going back and shuffling the past will not help now
The chaos all around is a waste to further carry
Let me pick up stories of my pain and defeat
The invisible laurels that only I recognize
A new dawn is going to cover the night sky,
So many mornings but this one is going to fly.
A New Year is at the doorstep and the stage is set
One can sing, dance and / or perform
Leading acts will set the bar and hoist the flag high
The leader in you and me will again rise
Bringing to the fore the strength of the mighty mind
That refuses to go down with a sigh
Every new day will be a limitless canvass
To paint a picture as bright as one decides
A new dawn is going to cover the night sky,
So many mornings but this one is going to fly.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Phenomenon called 'Aam Aadmi Party'

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) 

In October 2012, there was lots of furore among the masses in India when Mr. Robert Vadra , son in law of Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi updated his Facebook status message by writing "Mango men in a banana republic”. Social activist then, and now a regional party Chief Mr. Arvind Kejriwal had tweeted, "Evidence pouring in from mango men from across the country. Mango men would prove to be nemesis for the 'powerful'. No political pundit, no soothsayer , no man with a logic , none of the think tanks could have ever imagined that a Mango Man(Aam AAdmi) in the form of Mr. Kejriwal will prove his prediction right. Delhi assembly election results have made people sit up and take note of this phenomenon called ‘Aam Aadmi Party(AAP)’ and has forced them to solve this quagmire.  I bet this will become a Harvard Case Study and the best brains in the world for years, will analyze this event from multiple angles and dimensions. None will ever solve this puzzle in its entirety because the power to sway fortunes lies in the minds of millions of voters who exercise ballot to give a verdict.

When I write this article, AAP is seeking public opinion on forming a ‘minority government’ in Delhi with outside support from Congress. (To share with my readers, In Delhi assembly of 70 seats BJP is the single largest party with 32 legislators, AAP with 28 and Congress with 8 of them). My bet is Mr. Arvind Kejriwal will bite the bullet and will be sworn in as the next Chief Minister of Delhi state. I intend to present some facts and in their light analyze Jan Lokpal Movement, Formation of Aam Aadmi Party, Enrolling members and gaining public support, Role of social media in AAP’s success, their strategy and future vision.

In 2011, an outfit by the name India Against Corruption (IAC) launched a campaign to mobilize the masses for the creation of a Lokpal (ombudsman) to punish government officials accused of corruption. Two prominent faces Yog Guru Ramdev and Anna Hazare a veteran social reformer with a history of undertaking fasts in support of his causes spearheaded this movement. While Ramdev brought with him millions of middle class supporters from urban areas, villages and small towns in India, Hazare’s support base comprised of mostly middle-class people from urban areas and idealistic youths. The viewpoint was that people in power are not only neck deep in corruption but have become shameless in acceptance of their deeds. This was start of a revolt against the corrupt , an uprising by the letdown and a clear expression of people’s anger, frustration, dissent and hopelessness with the system which continues till today.

To really figure out what gave birth to Aam Aadmi Party we need to understand the current social and political climate of India and also how has it evolved over the years. India has been ruled for more than five decades by Congress, a party where power is concentrated with the title ‘Gandhi’ and for few years by BJP which had a charismatic leader in the form of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. When we got freedom the country was so poor that the talk of providing food, shelter and clothing resonated well with the masses. Primarily an agrarian economy that had few heavy industries, small and medium enterprises, Congress was able to keep people interested in its governance model. I would rather say they could fool people, govern them, keep power concentrated within the family and run the country as a family business. The cracks started to appear when Janta Party stormed into power in 1977, National front in 1989 and National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in 1998. What is interesting to note is Congress could still manage to get power over and again. The countrymen who were very poor in 1947 became a big chunk of aspiring middle class in 90’s and educated and informed young brigade in 2000’s. While the working population fought for agriculture and milk revolutions in 50’s and 60’s, the people in 90’s faced reservation and liberalization whereas the present population is standing up for non-governance , corruption and accountability. This is how we as a nation have matured and continue to do so to ensure that our rights and privileges as a citizen of a democratic country are protected.

The country supported this movement of Anna Hazare and participated in massive numbers with an expectation that a new hope was born. What Hazare could not understand is that after rising to such a height and raising people’s expectations one has to deliver. Protests, Fasts, Revolts are good to bring out grievances but there has to be a plan that needs to be executed to get justice done. This is what Arvind Kejriwal could read very well and a direct involvement in politics was preferable, in order to cause change from within the system. This led to formation of AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP), an outfit that was a direct deliverable of the IAC movement. In fact it was good that Anna Hazare did not take this step or else he would have been accused of being opportunist and harboring political ambitions and betraying people’s faith by pursuing his personal agenda.

Aam Aadmi Party had to create enough noise to always remain in the news and media and they did so by picking up on scams and political figures, issues like electricity and water bill, inflation, women security, unemployment etc . Every week there was a disclosure and media picked up the threads very well. I would say much of the support and discreet information to AAP in the initial days came from disgruntled partymen of the ruling government and opposition leaders. The public already knew of all the day to day embezzlements, major scams which ultimately resulted into inflation, poverty and shrinking standards of living but they were helpless. They were excited at the prospect of a party having the gumption to take the powerful heads on and washing their dirty linen in public. Somewhere a support base of AAP was forming in every nook and corner of the society.

To grow from a miniscule base of supporters and few party men, AAP had to do radical things to ensure it was prepared well in time for Delhi assembly elections. There were few strategies that they adopted like using Social Media as a platform to talk to the youth and the internet workforce, making a portal to enroll members instantly, seeking donations in a transparent manner and building local groups within all the constituencies of Delhi to reach out to people.  While the old timers in other political parties are still ignorant of the power of internet AAP ensured that it harnesses its potential to the fullest. Other parties were unaware as to how to use technology to build a base or communicate to its supporters, and first time voters. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Mailers, Forums, Blogs and Online news were heavily consuming information about AAP and spreading its base like a wild fire. The opponents dismissed this as a new generation gimmick and never considered this as a threat. What they forgot is that this is an information age and it takes seconds for breaking news to spread in the entire country. No one else in the battlefield was in the fray when it came to internet usage and AAP had a distinct advantage. They re-enforced there campaign by door to door meetings , Mohalla Sabhas , ads at the back of Auto Rickshaws ( the most visible and most mobile ad platform with the widest reach), protests , fasts and demonstrations making sure the noise grows louder and louder. The support base had now multiplied many folds with NRI’s pouring in money, youth participating online, middle class discussing about AAP and the poor curious to know about them.

Come elections and AAP adopted a novel way to pick its candidates. They asked ticket aspirants to take referendum from the public and prove their credentials and support to be even considered for the selection process. Out of all the shortlisted candidates the final choice had lots of weightage to honesty, integrity, morality and selflessness. I would not say that all of their candidates were high on these parameters but in general they were far better than their opponents. AAP had build in people’s mind the criteria that they should look for, in their elected representatives. Again the established parties failed to read the public sentiment and repeated most of their candidates, nepotism and favoritism playing a big part. The final nail in the coffin was AAP’s election manifesto the highlights of which were a clean and corruption free government, bringing Swaraj -decentralization of power, reducing water and electricity bills, regularizing unauthorized colonies, giving massive employment, controlling inflation and providing a safe society. The base of AAP had grown by leaps and bounds now, with the poor and oppressed joining the bandwagon irrespective of caste and creed.

The results are there for everyone to see and AAP’s success has taken everyone by surprise. No one expected this kind of spectacular debut from a party that was just 1 year old. As I wind up this article AAP is going to stake a claim in the coming week to form a government and we will have Mr. Arvind Kejriwal as the next Chief Minister of Delhi and the game will become more interesting from here on.