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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Mom & Dad

This post was written for Indiblogger's Surf Excel Matic Get Smart Contest - If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it? Though it did not win a prize but i still consider it a lovely post. Please read it !!

Surf Excel Blogging Contest
Surf Excel Blogging Contest

Dear Mom & Dad,

I came as bundle of joy in your lives 30 years back. I am very fortunate to be born as your son and equally proud to call you as my parents. You were my lens to the world and I took my first steps under your love and care.

My joys knew no limits when you hugged me and kissed my cheeks. I felt so protected in your arms and my toothless smile knew no bounds. Mom, I looked the cutest in the dresses you stitched for me, happiest with the toys you created for me and excited with the games you played with me.  I slept with abandon, knowing that my small whimper will wake you both. I learnt my first syllables from you and the first words were ‘Ma’. How could I ever forget. My life was filled with so much affection and love, that nothing else did matter to me ever. What all little things my mind could register, I owed to your guidance and tutelage. They say childhood is the best time of one’s life and I stand testament to that wonderful experience.

I grew up and started going to school. You taught me how to work hard, be disciplined and obedient. Like ever before and as your dutiful child i did secure good marks. My thinking was a reflection of your vision, instructions and guidance. You would recall that I never disappointed you both with my mannerisms, results and behavior in general. Some more years passed and I grew up with age. School transformed to college and my challenges grew many fold. My school mates progressed and kept pace with studies. My friends won prizes at extracurricular activities and events, they danced on stages during functions, and some won medals in sports. I stared at them and did not know what I was supposed to do then without any extra curricular talent. You both complained and comparisons were frequently drawn. and always wished that I was born talented. Let’s accept that our middle class upbringing and resources never allowed us to think beyond the basics of life and developing interests require both time and money.

College ended and I did loose grip on the competition and this is when, the rebel in me started asking questions. I put a question mark on your upbringing, the environment you provided, the knowledge you imparted to me. It looked as if my life had come to a halt and you stood as criminals in my eyes. I fought with you and hurt you so many times, holding you responsible for my failures.Destiny separated us and I learnt the ropes of life with lots of pain, struggle and hard work. I never realized that the values and principles you instilled in me, helped sail through these tough times.

Today I am a very successful professional and considered as a good human being. Now when I look back at all these years and our conversations, I find myself at fault. You provided me with the best resources and to the utmost of your potential. There were practical constraints in life and I should not have questioned your undying love for me. I was selfish and mean to have shrugged off my failures on your limited means and circumstances.

Today when I get few extra hours in life I will start doing the following things. I will enroll for Violin lessons and learn to play the birthday tune for you, Mom. Dad, I will start running, exercising and play badminton. You wished so badly to see me get medals in the school sports meet. Again Mom, I will read good books and make my mind so sharp that I keep on progressing in life. You always used to say ‘Son!! I want you to become a hero,you dance, perform, debate, play sports, become successful and lead a happy life’.

Dad & Mom, after I finish doing these activities, I will call you to apologize again and again, for having hurting you so many times. 

With Love

Your Son!!



Renie said...

Lovely post - am sure most people would identify with this in their own way!

Viveksheel said...

Thanks Renie !! These were my thoughts in the growing years and yes quite possible others around would have also felt the same.