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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Deepawali 2015

Happy Deepawali 2015

Salutations to the Lord of auspicious beginnings,
The protector and remover of obstacles in life.
Obeisance to the Goddess of prosperity, wealth,
The embodiment of beauty, grace and charm.

I invoke Shri Ganesha to accept my prayers,
To bless my family ,friends & colleagues this Deepawali.
Inspire us with creativity & content,
And bless us with intellect and wisdom.

I meditate Mahalakshmi to fulfill our desires,
Bestow my family , friends & colleagues again.
With inexhaustible wealth and prosperity,
That brings the greatest joys and satisfaction along.

May this festival be a celebration of life ,
Of vigour , intent and achievement.
The pride of improving and changing lives,
The joy of spreading smiles.

Happy Deepawali  and warm wishes to you and your family!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a bollywood classic

Tanu Weds Manu Returns - Google Images
I have watched  twice and still feel as if there is a need to sit for another show. The words that can at best describe this movie are bombastic, fantabulous, special, extraordinary and once in a decade kind of an occurrence.

I have not been able to reconcile   (best depicted by Tanuja Trivedi) with Ms. Sangwan ,they are so different that makes you believe that they are just two different individuals from a different world altogether. The dexterity and the deftness with which kangna has essayed both the roles, one really wonders if she is the same person. I get a feel as if they are real life characters and I might one day bump into Kusum Sangwan at Shivaji stadium in New Delhi. While i write this review  is running house full in the 2nd week and is for sure expected to cross 100 Cr mark in domestic business. Mind you we don’t have a Khan spearheading this movie, nor there is Akshay or Ajay adding sheen to the movie. So if in absence of these superstars one movie enters the coveted 100 Cr club there has to be something special in it. The differentiator and the hero of the movie is . She has matured beyond years in playing the double role and I would go out to say that it might even happen that this is her best ever performance in the entire lifetime.

Let’s start with the characters first. I already spoke about Kangna Ranaut and I can sum it up with one remark that if she does not win a national award for this movie it will be slight for all the hard work she has put in.  is as expressive as ever and we don’t need to add extra dialogues to his character, he is gifted to deliver the best performances with his expressions and demeanor.   my friend what have you done?? The comic timing and the gift of gab that you have, do you need anything more to prove your acting prowess? One would remember his performance in the first version of the movie and he raises the benchmark even higher. Spontaneous, brilliant and adept in his role and he deserves notice. I am sure the filmmakers are going to reward this talented actor and we will get to see more of him in the years to come.   is a synonym for intensity and passion and he carries the same fire and restlessness in this movie. His dialogues are great and delivery even greater; one would go on to repeat few of his one liner over the years. In fact this single movie has good eight to ten dialogues that are hallmark of this film. All other actors have done a wonderful job and it is not a mean feat to pull through a sequel with better commercial success.

The man who has to be rightfully credited for this movie is  . I read his interview very recently where he said , in all his movies there is a part of him and quite rightly said. The nuances have been well taken care off, the background settings are so simple and real that one can easily relate to this movie. Unless and until you grow up in that typical middle class household you will not be able to story tell such a fine script or screen play. The locales in Lucknow(UP)  ,New Delhi and Jajjar (Haryana) are ordinary and believably true, and one can easily connect with the milieu . In a nutshell the director has an eye for details and has not left a single effort to take you to a setting which is the reality of majority of north indian families. No pretenses, no goody goody feeling, no unreal world but simple and real identities and settings. Add to this the ear warming and soulful music, the journey becomes even more endearing; the songs are fresh, melodious and hummable.

The viewers have given full marks to this movie and I dare not deduct even half a point out of five. Before I close Take a bow Kumari Kusum Sangwan . What a feat! You have done the unthinkable.