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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Satyameva Jayate - Female Foeticide

Aamir Khan's Brain child  'Satyameva Jayate'
Aamir Khan's Brain child  'Satyameva Jayate'

I watched the first episode of the serial that was telecast on air this morning. The theme of the episode was female foeticide and we all are very well aware of this grave issue ailing our society. Today when the facts and figures were shown in the larger perspective and their long term implications were depicted the entire chain of social evils formed a story. My intent is to support this noble initiative taken up by Aamir Khan through my writing and reinforcing the message across the masses.

The skewed ratio of male versus female birth might not be alarming when seen as 900 vs 1000 but when this gets multiplied by 1000x the numbers speak something.  We are building a society that will be bereft of females in all spheres of life and there will be a societal imbalance. It's a man's world agreed, but the softer side of our nature, behavior and thoughts only comes from our mothers, sisters and friends. What if these subtle feelings go missing during our growing days ?? We all will promote a society that is ruthless , less misgiving , intolerant and inhuman. The few females who will co exist with us will face so many challenges in their day to day lives that their existence through out their lives will be insecure.

All crimes related to females have their roots to this fundamental issue of expecting a male child and killing of the unborn female child.Now see the bigger picture in future .Female foeticide results in larger number of males who are starved of a partner and thus there is a supply and demand gap. Large number of people running after fewer assets and thus adopting malpratices to fulfill their interests. If it is met the prize will be treated as a item purchased and if not out of jealousy and defeat we will make lives of those females equivalent to hell. The rising crimes against women at present  be it dowry cases,harassment,rape,murder ,exploitation are a by product of this male dominated society that is psychologically starved and sees females as an object . The fact that females are being sold and  traded across states explains the imbalance in our regions. This is not only lessening the self worth of a female but also treating her as a commodity without respecting the life and feelings in her. Since females are fewer in number and in demand the society is creating a cycle of exploitation that  is very dangerous , unbelieving and disgusting.

Now the time has come that we stand up and take the pledge of saving at least one girl child  in our society. The organised crime of the medical fraternity and wrong doing of the parents has to be taken heads on. We need to educate the masses of the issue and the seriousness of it. To have a safe existence and promote a healthy society we have to own up this cause because all our lives are intertwined. Last but not the least i salute Satyameva Jayate team and Aamir Khan for bringing before the society, issues that we have been avoiding so far. Even if it is directly or indirectly related to us we need to act now. The time to act is not today,tomorrow but at this very moment we have to say Yes or No. I stand by this social cause and will discuss the issue with who ever i come across and gather momentum to stop female foeticide forever.

Satyameva Jayate !!

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connasys said...

yeah after watching amir khans ""satyamev jayate" even everybody is agreeying to the fact that female foeticide in India is too much than any other country so India should woke up soon.

pvsobhan said...

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Viveksheel said...

Thanks Sobhan for your kind and encouraging words. The theme is picked up from web and one of my fellow bloggers helped me do it. Please keep reading and exchanging thoughts !!