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Monday, August 14, 2006

Thoughts when i was a mariner

Life seems to have fragmented into the immortal past and a present that has bloomed out of the past. Taking deep voyages into my past to trace the roots of this tumultuous , anxious and a confused existence shows how late i have been . The lengthier is the bridge between the past and the present the lesser are the inferences drawn at every test of life . The insights into the past vaults me into the dungeons of truth which have prisoners of action who were tempted by inexperience , a spirit to set free , a curiosity for the wrong and finally a step intertwined of all these factors.

Life's Rainbow has all colors
Life's Rainbow has all colors
What i could never reconcile with was why in the past the present seemed so colorful and intoxicating , luring us into tunnels of pleasure with no end . The same past i think about now , where the things went wrong?

When the self existence ridicules its own womb , you can sense how unfruitful , misgiving and sporadic the growth has been of our mind and the soul .

The demons of the past and the deities of the present tussle to overpower a wrecked soul .If the past is thought over and fought over life's rainbow will have all its colors  My journey starts now with a treasure and/or a burden called past. The depths are unknown and my plunges superficial ; but i seek solace, peace of mind , some greener pastures and my past and present to be in unison.





Sritanu said...

profound man !! ... keep it up !!

Mannu said...

bus! agge kuch nahin likhna kya ??

I am Blind said...

itna fudoo angrezee kahan se seekha re?? I failed to recognise a philosopher in you...:)

Sisto said...

too good man sheel ... i get the feeling there are some translations from your hindi poetry, am i right?