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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Diversity - Inclusion Inspires Innovation

Poem on Diversity Inclusion
Diversity Inclusion
Differences in culture, race, ethnicity,
Age, gender and ability
Personal traits and life experiences,
Views, learning's shape our identity

Existences so different and this is diversity.

Promoting people from all walks of life,
Providing an equal opportunity
Creating a workplace and an environment,
That promises fairness and equality

Inclusive growth thrives on diversity.
Differences inform, enrich and empower,
Present entirely new possibility
Together we create a better world,
Building on our collective capacity

The core of our strengths rests in diversity

Coming up with new ideas and better solutions,
Innovating, requires thinking differently.
Benchmarks to be breached, bars to be raised,
Depends on differences as on aggregate ability

Creativity and Innovation is born out of diversity.

Enriching our performances,
Creating client value vastly
We celebrate our work,
Transforming lives collaboratively.

Our growth and progress lies in our diversity !!



Anonymous said...

I think there is a reason diversity exists.. otherwise god would have not created millions of species on earth itself....

MKERALAM said...

erwhat you said is very true. Unfortunately some people believe in the opposite.

indu chhibber said...

I am reading you for the first time-very positive & profound thoughts!

Viveksheel said...

Hi Desi traveler !! Yes i quite agree with you, there is a beauty in our differences too :):)

Viveksheel said...

Hi Mkeralam !!

People who believe in spending their lifetime with like minded individuals that suit their own background will very soon be outdated. To grow is to embrace the difference !!

Viveksheel said...

Hi Indu Chibber !!

I must thank you for finding out time to read my blog post. It per chance happens that we discover good bloggers one fine day and appreciate their view point. I have read you in the past and appreciate your writing skills and thought process !! Keep reading and keep blogging :)

Deepa said...

A very refreshing take on Unity in diversity. The world would be a much better place if we look at the diversities as something that help us grow rather than to create biases and pull us down.

Sangeeta Raghu said...

Vivek really profound !!

And thank you so much for stopping at my blog else I wouldn't have got a chance to read this post ...