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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Internet Generation Demands Justice

The whole of the  last week was consumed by the news of 23 year old girl being molested and inhumanely tortured, in New Delhi. For the past 3-4 days thousands of young children are protesting at India Gate, President House and outside the hospital where the girl is admitted. The news channels,social media, newspapers , tabloids , radio went berserk in reporting the public protest that followed this incident. This response form the masses has been very uncharacteristic of so called 'We The Adjusting and Tolerating Indians'.What really sets it apart is the participation of the youth of our country who came from schools, colleges , workplaces and even their homes. No one has asked them to join this march of protest and demand justice for the poor girl, they all have united by their own will. This is what i intend to point out ! 

The generation of today, that is perceived as 'Internet and Gadget generation' is not accommodating and forgiving like their parents and the society like wise. We have often termed them as spoiled,uncompromising  ,rash,rude,indifferent and non caring but this single incident makes me think otherwise. They could be possessing all the the attributes defined above or none of them but one thing is sure, their thought process is not so immature as perceived to be.  Watch any news channel and hear out to the kids barely of 20 years of age and see their views on molestation , equality , gender bias , governance and their expectations. You will be surprised to learn of their awareness and their rightful demand for the benefits that should come to every citizen of India. What is wrong if they are asking for security ,well being and safety from the elected representatives of the common people ? This untoward event of molestation has triggered the fire that has been shimmering within these young hearts. From the day they were born all they have seen is corruption,  loot , plunder , insecurity , immorality , ineffectiveness and injustice. Enough is Enough !

Nirbhaya Rape Case , New Delhi
Nirbhaya Rape Case , New Delhi 

It's time the society and the people in power understand that this India that is young and capable is also equally demanding. This protest might or might not bring immediate justice to the girl but one thing that is out in open is, the kids have come of their age. They don't want your answers in weeks and months but in hours and days. I am personally happy and delighted at this mass uprising of the youth. Every nation's future rests on these young shoulders and if they are bent upon creating a society based on basic tenets of good governance i think they should be heard. All my support to these young voices for their resolution,support, will ,character and most importantly to the victimized girl battling for her life. All my prayers are with her for a speedy recovery and well being.



Tomichan Matheikal said...

I'm not quite sure that the present show at India Gate premises reveals the tenacity of the present young generation. I'm more inclined to think of it all as an expression of the Exhibitionist nature of the generation coupled with the desire to get away with whatever they are doing.

I have absolute sympathy for the poor victim of the rape. But I'm not sure the protest taking place in Delhi is the right solution or will bring the solution.

Viveksheel said...

Hi Tomichan Matheikal !!

One could term this entire episode as a display of emotions running high or an expression of unruly behavior but in that case even the protests have served its purpose. The government has take concrete measures by setting up a commission to fast track this case , women help line has been set up , the society has spoken up from all quarters , police has been sensitized about women harassment , special women groups have been set up and more. All of this would have not happened and you and me would not be discussing this unless some young rogues made us sit and take a cognizance of this barbaric act. Whatever be the motive of the doers there has been a step in the right direction, at least i feel so.

Thanks for stopping by.

aativas said...

Not only Delhi but the whole country is witnessing a change. People are not keeping quiet but coming out to protest and demand change. I am not sure whether it will lead to us. Two possibilities - a remote one is systemic change, another is more anarchy! I hope that the first one takes place - but I am not sure!!