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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Easy yet Difficult

Spending time with self
Hiding True Emotions
Easy to meet someone,
Difficult to remember and revive.
Easy to call someone a friend,
Difficult to keep the relation alive.

Easy to be true to someone,
Difficult to accept lies.
Easy to express love,
Difficult to feel silent eyes.

Easy to enjoy your loneliness,
Difficult to come out of guise.



anirban... said...

Hey vivaldi,

Liked your usage of contradictions to drill through the point.

however didn't quite like the finishing as it sounded a bit common-place. Anyways will be following you henceforth.

If you like you might check out some of my stuff at

Viveksheel said...

Thanks Anirban !! You comment made me think and re write the end. See it works now . I really appreciate your interest to point out the mediocre nature of the end.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

anirban... said...

too good ... I would go to the extent of saying - your last lines are somehow haunting me!

Yes ones solitude is enjoyable ... that's what one wishes to believe. The believe becomes a mask difficult to strip of.