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Friday, November 25, 2011

Why this Kolaveri Di ?

This is the title of the song from a Tamil movie ‘3’  which means ‘Why this murderous rage, girl? . This song has become a rage among millions of youngsters via the  social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and You Tube. The song with close to 4 million+ views on YouTube in less than a week has taken the internet community and media by storm. These lyrics are absurd and unintelligent but the fun quotient is very high. I just love the way he is singing, his attitude is carefree and provides a perfect demeanor for the song.

Kolaveri Di - The National Rage
Kolaveri Di - The National Rage

Some more news to chew upon!!

·         Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar slapped.
·         Home Minister P Chidambaram targeted with a shoe.
·         Congress MP Naveen Jindal had a shoe hurled at him.
·         BJP leader LK Advani targeted with a slipper by a disgruntled party worker.
·         Former CWG head Suresh Kalmadi got a slipper flung at him.
·         ‘Team Anna’ member Prashant Bhushan was beaten up in his chamber.
·         Former telecom minister Sukhram was attacked inside the court complex.

Is there a spark shimmering in our hearts that needs a platform to unify in a big blaze?Are we as a nation waiting for series of Anna movements at the India gate? 

The series of these courteous ‘public’ gestures at present and in the past made me ask a simple question ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’.  Dhanush sings something irrelevant and the nation goes gaga. Our very own elected politicians act stupid and we manhandle them , how unfair. The theme is the same, both are occupying our mind share with their meaningless acts yet they meet with different responses. So far we have enjoyed our politician’s acts like we are currently enjoying this song but the time has come to stop accommodating this nonsense from the elected representatives of the public. 

It goes without doubt that the young generation is the architect of the nation, and the future depends on us. If we come collectively on issues like governance, policies, inflation, poverty, scams, education the point will be made. The public sentiment and rage has to channelize in movements that can change the course of this nation. The youth of today needs to divert his or her attention to issues that have national importance. Let’s hit 4+ million views and viewpoints on every issue that will impact this nation and its citizens.



Subhorup Dasgupta said...

I believe we are standing at the doorstep of great change. The rage of the men who are attacking politicians is no different from the rage that lies behind the massive support for the anti-corruption movement of Anna or the anger that lies beneath your (or my) blogging.

The years of inequities suffered by those who believe in leading value=based lives has to be compensated for, and the present unrest is an expression of that desire for compensation. If civility will not shame the corrupt, then other means will have to be sought.

Spent some time reading your blog, your writing and your opinions are extremely precious and relevant. Our world needs more people like you to stand up and be counted, and to encourage others to become leaders of change by example.

Viveksheel said...

Thanks Subhorop for your invaluable comments. I totally agree with you that we stand at the brink of a massive revolution. The unrest in our minds will channelize into legitimate demands and accountability from the public figures will be sought. I will keep writing and continue to support like minded individuals like you.

Many Thanks !!