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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Apologize

I am Sorry
I am Sorry
The acts can take disguise of words,
To keep justifying their legality.
Being right is no longer an option,
Past comes out of obscurity.

The demons come out of the closet,
The mask no longer prevails.
Images tumble down in a jiffy,
An effort life long now it entails.

Life's story in images comes through,
Moments of weakness and pride.
All woven to complete the album of life,
When foolish mind failed to decide.

An act done wrong or insane,
Had no consequences seemed then.
I kept on running from what I did,
The shadow grows taller again and again.

I delve in the heart of my own culprit,
To judge if it needs relief of leniency.
But the bad seed sown had grown big,
The river had flown into the sea.

Then I met someone naive and true,
The moment had come to decide.
If i can live with the guilt for life,
Or choose a way for the pain to subside.

With faith in god and self promise made,
Never in my life will i lie.
I gathered courage to use few words,
With heartfelt pain i apologize.



Prabhu Pant said...

good work..
please see my blog