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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreams I Believe

Poem on Childhood Dreams
Childhood Dreams

I stood ground with all decisions made,
To live every moment as it takes.
Suddenly a sharp turn came winding by,
The temptation to walk rising high.

As I walked on the path aimlessly,
Saw a girl walking ahead of me lonely.
I never knew her journey till there,
My mind said there is a lot to share.

I followed her deep in the woods,
Twists and turns, a search for truth.
Across the mountains was her village,
Family, folks a long lineage.

She left and came the other day,
Happy, cheerful in a pleasant way.
Deep in her eyes pain hiding by,
Her smile, a cover to deny.

This time I stopped her to greet,
Fearing if she would retreat.
But seemed she knew me for years,
Laughing and smiling with no fears.

So much to talk between us,
Hours seemed frivolous.
Deep secrets and stupid dreams,
We knew everything it seemed.

Days flew like moments with her,
I never knew when she came near.
Love was all I felt in her care,
Something so different so rare.

I asked her so many times,
She always replied in rhymes.
Why she loved me so much?
A simple reason nothing as such.

Years later one day she sat along,
And shared with me a fairy song.
Her grandma told her story of a hero,
Good charming and a very nice fellow.

She dreamt of him day and night,
To be his best man's bride.
She waited for years all along,
Her dreams and her faith still strong.

'Grandma told me everything about you,
You will come in my life I knew',
People who believe in stories are few
There are some which turn to be true.



Lipi said...

excellent loved it...

Viveksheel said...

Thanks Lipi for reading my poem!! Appreciate your kind words.