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Friday, August 23, 2013


To simply say what words are,
Words communicate meaning,
Acting as our minds' messengers,
A vent to thought and feeling;

But how immensely powerful,
Are these words that we use,
What a great impact they can have,
Is what makes me muse;

Words can fill a heart with joy,
Make it beat with love and life,
But evil, if they become, they can,
Hurt that heart like a knife;


Words can make a person's image,
But can tarnish it just as easily,
They make so transparent personalities,
That can be great or silly;

Words can cause a mob,
To be quiet or create an uproar,
They can influence the minds of masses,
And can make them happy or sore;

Words could be a ray of hope,
In the darkness of some sorrow,
They can give the courage and the dreams,
Of a new tomorrow;

Words can make or break ties,
They can bring people close,
Or let the bonds of affection tear off,
Like the petals of a withering rose;

How mighty are these words,
Possessing a great strength,
It is through them that today I could,
Write this poem at length!

Please note : This is a poem that was written by my friend years back when people used to keep diaries.As a tribute to creativity I decided to put this in my blog so as to share it with the rest of the world and preserve it better.



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