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Monday, February 20, 2012

Childhood Memories

IndiBlogger Contest by Kissan
IndiBlogger Contest by Kissan

Tell us about the “100% real” experiences you had growing up

The topic of contest by Kissan is so interesting that I could not stop myself from penning down my memoirs from the childhood days. Before I started doing that I did spend a good amount of time reading about Kissan as a brand, its activities for the kids and the brand’s mindset. To my delight I found the facts given below and I must say all of this is surprisingly pleasant!! ( Reference )
Kissan - The champion enabler of ‘happy growth’ for every child because we know that growing up is a fantastic adventurous journey, not a destination. Kissan acts as a catalyst, easing stressful moments at the dining table. With Kissan, good food is loved not shoved.
Mission – Our vision is to provide every Indian kid with delicious and nutritious food so that they can eat happily and grow happily.
A collage of some fun activities by Kissan
A collage of some fun activities by Kissan 
Their mission and vision statement was quite in sync with the activities they involved the kids in. To name a few there is something like 'Jammy Art ', ' Tomato Madness' , 'Tiffin Expert' and many more. One of these was teaching kids how to grow tomatoes from real seeds and the best crop goes to the manufacturing plant for making ketchup. This is a really a value added exercise because the kids will learn to respect the mother earth and understand what it takes it bring the food from the farm to the plate. At this point i got quite convinced that the brand i am promoting through my creative writing, stands out for the novelty of its concept of providing a '100% real experience while growing up'.

My sweetest memory as a child

Those days life was much simpler and we used to live in  our own house . It was a modest occupancy with three rooms , lobby and an open terrace. The means were limited and so were the needs. I do not recall any household in my neighborhood having an air conditioner , generator set or an inverter. At nights there used to be frequent power cuts and we as kids loved that darkness. I still remember my mom lighting up a candle and me and my brother playing hide and seek in the dark. We used to run around , fight , sing and play games in this veil of the darkness. One thing was promised that mom will not ask us to study as she believed that studying in low light will harm our eyes. 
View of Night Sky
Night Sky
Airplane flying at night
Airplane flying at night

We all used to sleep on the open terrace, under the star lit sky. The sky was clear ,pristine blue and the stars used to twinkle and dance. My naive mind could not make much of the world beyond but there was awe in my mind and curiosity to now more . Mom used to narrate stories of fairies , the sun , the moon and the stars. So to say, my understanding of the nature and the heavenly bodies came from my parents and the 'real experience' that i got by sleeping under the blanket of the sky. Many a times it did happen that a aircraft crossed our horizon and i used to ask my dad what it was.He used to tell me that this is god's vehicle and he comes for a evening walk to see if all the children are sleeping so that they get up early and go to school in time. My mind was perplexed yet i loved watching those small bird like objects flying in the sky. My eyes use to chase them till they grew fainter and moved away from the horizon. The cool wind provided the perfect lullaby and in no time we  slept with abandon.
Sleeping in the nature's lap,watching the stars, the moon and the aircraft is the indelible picture from my  childhood. I wish today's kid do get to grow up in times as real as we had. They will also build their  treasure of memories and learn so many things by spending life close to the nature. 
"If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them more than the miracles of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it." - US President Lyndon B. Johnson