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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Satyameva Jayate - Child Sexual Abuse

Aamir Khan's Brain child  'Satyameva Jayate'
Aamir Khan's Brain child  'Satyameva Jayate'
I am here to express  gratitude and share my thoughts over the issues that Aamir Khan is raising through his show " Satyameva Jayate" . The topic of today's discussion was 'Child sexual abuse' which is still considered a taboo to be openly discussed in our societies. I am thankful to Aamir for owing up these causes and bringing to our notice issues which we have been avoiding or have been silent on them so far. The reasons could be many but a voice to support a common pain, exploitation , harassment and  abuse is definitely a welcome change and i will support this moment through my writings.

When i look back at my childhood there are very faint memories of such occurrences. There were  people who made advances at small children and took opportunities at satisfying there sick needs.  I was blessed not to have undergone such heinous crime against self, but the story does not ends here. The mind was so naive that it could not make out any sense and there were no words to explain such events. At that point of time some of my friends and relatives witnessed the grave reality of these acts. My write up is to add another level to this discussion and that is of  imparting knowledge about sex to children.

When i grew up my exposure to sexual content and stories around them came from multiple sources. Some of them were friends , cousins, relatives , elder 'bhaiyyas' etc . Not all were exploring this field like i was, as a newcomer. There were some of them who derived pleasure from adding one more to the group and misguiding others to encourage similar behavior. This increased the rot and gave them a legitimacy to carry on spreading the 'sacred knowledge'. What happened during this course of time was, this half baked content added to more curiosity and willingness to experience more. Somehow i wish i had guts to understand all this from my parents and had not spent years deciding what's right and what's wrong. All these years of growing up i remained silent , confused , confined , and yes at times enjoying them too.What happens in this journey of judgement and new found pleasure, we acquire some perversions which have a longer impact on our lives. . I try hard to lead a healthy life  at all times but somewhere my past , my thoughts as a juvenile and later as an adult haunt me. I wish i had an opportunity to speak up, discuss and clarify with my confidant or my parents.

When nothing great happened with me and i am still retrospecting my own childhood, what would be the condition of people who underwent all this trauma. The scars are deeper , very painful and no one ever comes to terms with them. All i would say as a parent today i would give my child the freedom to speak and express. Be it son or daughter i will sit with them , talk to them and impart them knowledge about these topics in a matured way. Be it sexual harassment , advances or even knowledge about sex it has to come from us not from the world outside. The external environment poses newer threats for us every day and offers our kids a avenue to digress. The issues are many be it their safety , their education or their future but in all their growing days i want to handhold, guide and protect them till i steer them away for a bright life ahead!!

Satyameva Jayate !!

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