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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Image Credit : Google Images

Season’s Greetings for a Happy New Year 2017

For the last time today, I will stop
To reflect on the year that is passing by
Take a stock of what I could or I could not
Smile on wins and humbled by losses

For the last time today, I will ponder
To count my blessings that I earned
Thank all those who came along or left
Carry the good and forget the bitter

For the last time today, I will regret
To have missed opportunities
Relationships that I could not keep
Self-Goals that I did or did not accomplish

But for a life time, I will uphold
To keep giving my best
With renewed focus and nerve
And be the best I can

Welcoming new year with open arms
Wishes for colleagues, family and friends
To make this year even better than before
Happiness ,Success and Good Health at galore !