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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Satyameva Jayate - Marriage Rides on Dowry

Aamir Khan's Brain child  'Satyameva Jayate'
Aamir Khan's Brain child  'Satyameva Jayate'
Marriages are made in heaven and all we do is execute it with the aid of 'Band , Baaja and Baraat ' & 'DOWRY' . What goes behind the scenes is pretty much agreed as a part of the society norms and what goes after the business transaction surprises all of us. Events like prolonged harassment of the bride, never ending demands, divorce and sadly in some cases dowry deaths.So i ask you all a simple question. Are we not a part of this social evil and have we done enough to curb this??

Let's address the fundamental problem of this issue which starts with the birth of a girl child. All parents are heard saying that from today itself we will save money for our daughter's marriage. The morale is low from the day one and we all take a girl child as a burden , as a liability. The demon of dowry gets born with your child the same day and for life you feed the demon with greed and callousness. Now years later you marry off your beloved daughter along with the same demon, and now it's her turn to feed this animal for life long. Are we not at fault for harboring this thought of inequality and injustice? Similarly when  a son is born , our lineage our generation gets a heir and a 'dowry prospect'  is raised day by day. So at the same time two kids born with a different gender are fed with thoughts that are irrelevant and absolutely nonsensical. So let's make a resolution from today, we will raise our daughters like our sons and vice versa to inculcate in them the respect for the other gender and give them an equal opportunity.

More on the present generation of prospective grooms and brides. To all my fellow men  who are in their marriageable age i raise a simple question. If you are not capable enough to provide sustenance to your family are you ready to marry yet?? Say if conditions warrant that you get married will you steal , beg or borrow to run your family ?? If not why would you expect someone to oblige you with kind and cash that you could never earn yourself. All because you were born with a tag that says ' Male' you are privileged to transact your credentials for entire life. Then let me give you another tag of PARASITES, who live life long on someone else's sweat and blood. Be happy and be smug with the kind of trash you grew up to!!

To all the females who have been married as a part of a 'lucrative deal' or are going through this rigmarole of  marriage its time, you stop and think. A marriage is god's most beautiful relationship and if your 'selection'  depends upon your parent's financial capability then what is the use of your education and all this freedom. It's time to stand for your self, for your choice of life partner  and most importantly for your parents. I don't think they left any effort to provide you with the best of amenities and comforts that they would have otherwise, had you been a son. Don't breed gender inequality and inferiority from the outset as it will make you susceptible to wrong behavior later.

Thanks again to Aamir for raising this issue that has blighted us for generations. If we are a young and growing nation, we need to come out of our closets and make efforts to change the whole perspective. Growth is not defined by sweeping malls, extravagant lifestyles , aping western culture and then falling back to old age wrong doings and not doing enough to change the spectrum !!

Satyameva Jayate !!

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Bikramjit said...

my sentiments exactly , a perfectly beautiful ritual has become nothing but a money game these days ..

sad sad situation


Viveksheel said...

Thanks Bikram for reading my post !!In this era, population is an issue that has no answers and yields in cut throat competition. After beating the crowd when you reach a respectable level in life you want to trade your job, designation and package for your marriage. The idea behind it is, it took me so hard to become what i am today so why not encash all that from the bride's family. Why do people forget that their would be also came through the same grind?? And if you are an ordinary wage earner no one else can compensate for the lack of your talent and competency by giving your periodic bouts of cash !! Don't kill the beauty of an institution like marriage by depicting that you are financially and mentally 'Impotent'.