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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Letter to PM of India on Independence Day

Dear Prime Minister ,

I am caught in a conundrum whether to congratulate you on this Independence day or express dissent at your speech which you gave from Red Fort. For you i will leave the niceties behind but as a True Indian i will first wish my brothers and sisters an environment of freedom , fairness , equal opportunity , progress and happiness on this historic day of us getting independent.

When we were small kids we used to wait for this one special day of the year when the Prime Minister of India hoisted the tricolor and addressed the nation. The exuberance, the happiness ,the expectations stemmed from the fact that India was a developing nation then, it is still though, and the Government chief would paint a positive picture and give wings to our dreams. The news, the media was not so rampant and PM's single address to the entire nation carried so much weight that we children even felt so much proud being an Indian. The leader of the nation carried that unblemished image , the authority , the vision , the belief and the promise that the nation is safe in his hands.The reassurance that year after year we as a country are progressing well used to put sail in our morale and minds. The primary objective of that address was to inform , communicate, inspire and instill in the masses a sense of security and well being. 

That was couple of years back . When i heard you today the ethos , the soul , the message on this very important occasion was completely missing. I will not delve into each aspect of your speech but would like to ask questions on few important issues. I am assured by the fundamental rights of a citizen to ask questions that concern my nation's welfare , happiness and prosperity. 

Happy Independence Day
Happy Independence Day

The first and foremost of all is India's security and Foreign Policy vis-a-vis its neighbors or better say its enemies. The events of intrusion on our borders , firing and sabotage of our posts and land , killing of our soldiers and continued aggression is a mater of concern and national security. Every independent state has the right to protect its territory and shape up foreign policy that is conducive and helpful in maintaining its Sovereignty. The lapses and the incidents threatening our state has increased manifold and the response from your government is lukewarm and disheartening. Even today you did not find the national security an important topic to discuss with the nation. Don't we have a spine or willingness to respond back appropriately ??

Second issue that not only me but the entire nation is seeking an answer for, is Corruption . In your regime of last 10 years mammoth scams with staggering amounts have taken place be it 2G , Coal , Railway , Army Purchase and so on. The first response that  came from PMO's office was of denial but when the fact finding was done it was established that your office was a party to the decision making. How many committees and probing agencies will you set up to hide away from the wrongdoings of your ministers and aides. The damage has been  done with the India Shining story already killed but what is more painful is, there is no one in this entire country who is convicted . This show of shamelessness, haughtiness , invertebrate hollowness is being run for years now and no one has a conscience to provide us an answer. Were you not supposed to represent the ruling government and own up responsibility to assuage the citizens that you are on the side of the fairness and morality ?? Where has your self respect and the respect for the post of PM gone ??

The last one that i would like to bring to your notice is government's agenda to provide an opportunity to each citizen to prosper and progress. For how many more years will we keep listening to this cliched statement of ' Food , Cloth and Shelter ' for all ?? How many years will it take to alleviate India out of utter poverty that is eating away its citizens ?? When the country has nearly 1/3 rd of its population living under the below poverty line what do they understand of progress and growth?? Where is the vision of inclusive growth that was laid by our leaders who got us freedom ?? If you don't have answers to any of my questions then why are we being fooled to believe that elected governments are here to provide good governance. I need to know from you why has decision making , policy making and formulation , and governance vanished from your must to do activities.

Since i do not have access to you and seek answers in person, i am writing my thoughts in my blog. The most viable event that could have given me some comfort and reassurance was your address this morning. None of the issues that concern the nation and its citizen was considered important by your script writer to touch upon and logically you are not at mistake. All i wish is, i do not get to hear an insipid message like this that only weaves stoic silence around the issues that the entire nation wants to hear about.

Happy Independence Day !!



Uppal said...

Totally endorse your plea. very well expressed.

Sakshi Nanda said...

"All i wish is, i do not get to hear an insipid message like this that only weaves stoic silence around the issues that the entire nation wants to hear about." - Well said!

Viveksheel said...

Hi Uppal !!

It's time we start owing the responsibility of our present and future. There is nothing called government and governance left , the lowest ebb the country is into. I am trying to express my views and my concerns through my blog posts.


Viveksheel said...

Hi Sakshi ,

There can be diplomacy around keeping mum but when it crosses shamelessness and indifference it causes pain.The country and its citizens are restless to seek an answer and the people in power find it none of their business to be accountable to the people who elected them in the first place. I can bet in the next general elections the people of this country will give a befitting reply.


Rickie said...

I am afraid the problem with governance is that no one with a mission of social service is getting into it. When joining a political organization to gain power and money is the only objective, there is no hope left for a nation.
If even a fraction of our bright minds went into political science instead of engineering, medicine and law, we may have seen some hope. But that is not to be.
At least PM Manmohan Singh gave this country a new direction in 1991 and saved it from certain doom. He is 80 years old now and his time is up. But where are the hundreds of bright new leaders of tomorrow to take his place?