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Friday, October 07, 2011

Love ,Sex and Deceit

The Love and Sex Issue
Its all about love they thought,
Happened right on the spot.
Principles were made to live,
In love with desire and wish.

Seemed they were two lucky souls,
Their world had no controls.
Then happened what had to,
Desire crept in through and through.

Now the nights were more pleasant,
Meetings in the days were absent.
The guy earned experience,
The gal knew no distance.

Had they forgotten the last part,
That is Dhokha (Deceit ) we call.
Love and Sex Cartoon
Now the dream was to try it out,
With different partners and routes.

So the stage will be set,
With eyes on the next fest.
On another such occasion,
Love, Sex & Deceit will happen.


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