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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deepawali

Deepawali Wishes and Poem
Deepawali Wishes and Poem
Here comes the festival of lights,
To fill our hearts with delight.
The city will be decorated like a bride,
Generations celebrate without a divide.

In old memories our minds would freely amble,
Miles across we would travel.
To join our Kith & Kin in good times,
What would we do of nickels & dimes??

We promise to make the most of it,
Among family & friends so close knit.
Festivity on our mind at such a large,
Let the happiness at will , march.

Firecrackers will illuminate the skyline,
Diyas and candles spread the ‘bright’ light.
Ladoos to sweeten the occasion,
Gifts for small ,big and everyone.

May this Deepawali bring you good health,
And Goddess Laxmi bless with wealth.
Lord Ganesha provide an auspicious start,
Fortune & Prosperity always be your life’s part !!


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