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Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanks Dad !!

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day
Hiding in the corner of the room,
Trembling with fear of the known
Certain of my fate this evening,
I saw him coming from the pinhole

Not sure why was i shaking?
Was it my mistake or guilt
Or was i condtioned to read,
In him awe,power and ruthlessness

I guess it was like that
From the day i was born
Two sets of differnt hands
One 'touched'otherjust held me

She cuddled me with love
He threw me to tide the wave
She made me mentally strong
He always perfected the stance

Thrashed black and blue
Tears with sounds never knew
Not sure if i would again do
Or just rebel against him

Had you not punished me then
How would i have known
Being son of a virtous father
Is not a easy task to perform

To imbibe in me your thoughts
And learn beyond
To feel protected in your arms
Grow in your shadow long................

Years down the lane i again see him
Coming from the corner of my eye
Eyes bowed with reverence
And head held with pride.

Thanks for being such a wonderful dad !!


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