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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Rat Race Begins

I wanted to write when i picked up job after a two year stint at IIFT , when the new year arrived with newer hopes , when i celebrated my 27th birthday but the writer in me turned lazy.Anyways here i am still undecided what aspect of myself to portray this time.A milestone has been reached and another chapter of the same book is going to start. Why i feel there is something else that is waiting for me ?? Some shores still where i have never been, acts which i never did, moments that i never lived.

Vivek.......this is for sure you are not running this time from the world but yes going in a direction which a sensible , ambitious and career conscious person will choose. I feel i am not running for a dream anymore i am running for a cause larger than me, larger than my life. I always felt the visibility in life has decreased and all is shrouded by mystery and you always came in various forms and guided this wrecked ship. This time the ship is healthy the navigator is, but the course is for an uncharted territory. The land of surprises ........the life unexplored.