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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dialogue with Self

In past I wrote to raise a silent battle against the circumstances,to put on a piece of paper the sketch of a mind so helpless and so tied . Today when i write the color of my writing is more bright , thoughts more colorful and the need not so pensive. The probable explanation could be a shift in my mindset , a newer approach to see life and a different manner to accept changes. I even write to read these pieces of my mind years later to analyse the short runs of my career.

As i live life the impetus would certainly be on evolving and its heartening to know that i am capturing the thoughts that question my conventional behavior. Wisdom is not in knowing all the good things in life it would be knowing how to implement even few of them. The first step in this present evolution is learning what my heart wants to do. That's a bigger challenge than doing the final act . When I walk alone or with friends, the zest is to make me realize of the missing jigsaw pieces from my life. As a matter of fact many of them are strewn over unknown lands , written over known and unknown faces and links to all of them lie within . This is a really an interesting phase learning how to read my own thoughts , know myself deep within and find time to do what i longed for. Thoughts won't be suffice if i try explaining this state of mind but yes the calmness is setting in.