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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Monk who sold his Ferrari

Book Reading : The Monk who sold his Ferrari
Book Reading : The Monk who sold his Ferrari

Sunday is the favorite day of the week for me guess so. The day started with 20 minutes run on the track, breakfast and reading 'Sunday Times '. A light nap , some good Table Tennis (TT) lesson by Narendra and then lunch.

What is worth mentioning is the evening when i attended a book reading event on "The Monk who sold his Ferrari"  by Robin Sharma . The artistes performing were Dr. Ian Barker and Faishal Rashid and both were excellent in their part.I had read the book 2 years back and after the event ended, all was fresh in my memory again . Those seven principles, the magical fable , the sumo wrestler , the garden, the lighthouse and so many of thought provoking ideas. It was an excellent evening and i felt putting my Sunday to good use. Another small initiative to condition my mind and take it to brighter things in life. I certainly feel life is all about being self aware and seeking answers to questions that puzzle self. To get more clarity about life's purpose and our higher calling we should strive to reduce the clutter and lead a simple life.The purpose of life is a life with a purpose.