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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Good Blog-Post is a Movie well made

Movie Making and Blogging have lots in common
Movie Making and Blogging have lots in common

Is anyone of you reading this post  into film making ?? The possibility to find one such person reading my blog post is remotely remote. So i take it that neither you nor me has any idea what making of a movie entails, but what we all know is how to write /blog . Let's start from here and let me try and draw an analogy between my effort ( a good blog post ) and say Anurag Basu's product (a hit movie) . Both the activities being compared are an act of creation , original and are shared in the public domain for people's consumption and fun.

(To inform my readers, Anurag Basu is a filmmaker of repute and his latest effort , the movie ' Barfi '  has  recently hit the theatres and is being widely acclaimed for its direction and acting prowess of Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. You can read the review here - Barfi Review  )

Barfi - A Movie that won many hearts
Barfi - A movie that won many hearts

The Start

I am in the look out of a beautiful story to blog and so is Mr Basu in search of a plot for his movie. We both spend hours , days , weeks and even months to freeze upon an idea to crystallize . It can take even years to finalize the core of the entire effort . Many a times we blog and draw references from our own lives and so does a director too, and the cost of such discovery is our learning over years. Not an easy task for one's mind to come up with a bestseller at all times, yet the effort that goes in to make a start is tremendous.

The Casting

Directors go overboard in roping in actors for their flicks as they feel justice to their dream can only be done by a few. Quite Right !! As a writer when i pen a poem or a fiction i have to decide my protagonist , other characters as seriously as him. If the characters in my written piece are not strong they will not be able to strike a chord with the reader.

A movie has songs, dialogues , places , glamour and glitz to sell and i have all of them too, but with the help of a writing pen only. Don't you think my task is harder as compared to a cine maker?? He has aids to depict what he wants , i have only words to weave and perceive.

The Direction

It is often seen that a talented director can squeeze out extraordinary performances from his artists. In other cases his grip on the entire movie is so strong that even ordinary actors look like mavericks and their flaws or avoided by the audience. So in both the scenarios it is the craft of the Director to deliver a hit in the true sense of a commercial success. Blog posts that win contests and take prizes home do meet this pattern too. At times a very ordinary post find judges favour and at other times a brilliant work is duly rewarded. It all depends upon the ability of the writer.

So what is the commonality between these 2 individuals ??

The Director and the Blogger both are keen observers, they have an eye for details and most importantly they know what sells. They both have an  inherent capability of producing a winner ,a passion to raise the bar every time and nothing less than the perfect satisfies them. In this quest of greatness they debate with themselves, seeks answers to all the questions from within and once the mind is calm and quiet they act !!

To end, all i would say is  i am here to celebrate creativity , originality , talent and perfect the art of narrating thoughts. Each one of my  blog posts gives me pleasure and immense satisfaction. My mind's landscape is as wider as a Director's, who works earnestly and tirelessly to live his dream on the celluloid. My canvas is this blogging platform and i intend to deliver a hit after another hit !!


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Indiawilds said...

Earlier bloggers were the ones who could not get published in the mainstream due to some editorial policies so they used to blog. Today everybody and their grandma is into blogging. So much for creativity.

So it is refreshing to hear that you want your blogs to be classics. However, you have used the word hit.

When a director aspires for a hit, he is creating for his audience. He is selling a product. It need not be art. A true artist, director, writer writes/creates/paints for himself. It is a big distinction. There are many directors who have made money and have gone away, long forgotten. And there are a few masters, who are remembered for a long long time.....

Viveksheel said...

Hi Indiawilds !! I definitely consider my passion for blogging nothing than a film that is a classic and is critically acclaimed.

The context of using 'hit' in the sense of blogging referred to blog contests that are running day to day. Otherwise blogging in its core is an activity that gives one satisfaction and pleasure to have created something meaningful and beautiful !!