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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lok Sabha Elections 2014 Update from Delhi /NCR

Lok Sabha Elections 2014
Lok Sabha Elections 2014

1. Very recently there was an article in Times of India on the demographic change in voter's profile of Noida , pointing at addition of new residents who did not exist in 2009. I along with wife applied for new voter id card to be able to vote in Noida since going back to my hometown is not possible and i see a similar trend in other residents here. The underlying current points at awareness about these elections and how important it is for everyone to exercise his or her ballot. A positive and encouraging sign.

2. Interestingly i had an opportunity to meet Booth Level Officer (BLO) for my area and she shared that this time people are pepped up to vote for performance , economic growth and most importantly 'Change'. No prizes for guessing who is the pick of the lot 

3. I have been engaging in discussions with family, friends , strangers; online as well as offline to catch the pulse and the mood of the nation. Again the same sentiment for change is getting echoed , resentment for Congress and equal dislike for small regional parties (that very much includes AAP) is being reflected.

4. ICC world cup is underway and the creative ads by BJP have found many takers. Very simple messaging yet very powerful and effective.

5. The ads on Radio FM (Delhi) are fresh and hit a chord with the masses. I must say BJP is doing everything possible to get closer to the magic figure of 272 and this is getting clearer and clearer.

6. There are mobile vans in my area canvassing for BJP and using NaMo as the face of it, yet another marketing initiative but is getting eyeballs. The general perception is that there is battle being waged but the only man in arms is Modi and rest all party leaders are hiding in their closets. They seem disinterested , insecure , skeptical and fearful .

7. People who supported Kejriwal and AAP are feeling demoralized and cheated and have taken extreme positions which will surely reflect in their voting. Interestingly no one is discussing Congress and the entire debate is on how will Modi lift fortunes of India.

8. There are no billboards in Delhi or even Noida highlighting UPA's achievements, no ads in Radio and no effort to woo voters. Similar is the case with Mr. Kejriwal who was very vocal couple of months back but is not being seen anywhere. I don't understand why UPA has chosen a defeatist mindset.

9. In local markets more and more people are seen wearing NaMo caps where as few months back it was AAP cap. It seems that there is no secrecy left for ballot and people have taken extreme positions.

I must say the environment is heating up and we will witness a change of guard on May the 16th ,2014 . Friends please update your observations from which ever city you are in.