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Saturday, August 02, 2008


A halting screech of the wheels woke him up. He pulled the curtains and his mind’s landscape shifted from slumber to the world outside his coach window. The arms of the clock struck two in the morning. Slightly lifting his head from the pillow, he tried to make himself more aware of the scene unfolding before him. It must have been five or six degrees on the mercury and tea vendors made an explainable entry. Sipping up a cup of tea won’t be a bad idea.

'You know Aditi about the moments that give me a high?'

'No!! said she with a poignant yet receptive smile.'

'Well imagine a chilling winter night and streaks of light on the road and we both walk out to sip a cup of coffee. It would be so exciting isn't it?'

That was a discussion that took place ten years back.

Journey by Night Train
Journey by Night Train
He was experiencing the present moment though his mind wandered off to past conversations and the dreams he shared with her. He walked out of his AC compartment in the fog to brave the cold and the winds outside.

He had done pretty well in his career and was heading a multinational in the capacity of Managing Director. Swelling bank accounts, luxuries, material comforts all came as a reward for years of hard work and dexterity. Years of travels and travails had fulfilled his dreams yet till date he had a child like curiosity and eagerness for life . 

'What would be your wish list for life ?'

'Well position, prestige and money off course, but Aditi you know little acts give me more joy than these symbols of power and prestige.' She looked deep into his eyes and words were frivolous. They stood in silence and watched dusk dissolving in streaks of light.

He stepped out of the compartment and bought a cup of tea.. The station was small , empty and there were hardly any passengers to board. The only activity was from few tea vendors and insomniacs like him. Suddenly something unusual caught his attention. He was trying to make out the clear picture. A lady all heavily draped in a long fur coat stepped out from the adjacent compartment. Her persona and body language conveyed finesse and high position. She even seemed on a parallel position career wise. Her face had poise and grace yet simplicity was more overwhelming.Their eyes met and he walked towards her to exchange pleasantries

'I never knew there were others like me who would come out for a cup of tea at this ungodly hour'

'Why? Are you the only brave one? I am here to realize a thrill that I dreamt years back and on every such opportunity I relive it'. She said sipping her cup of  warm tea.

He ears became attentive and he quite curious. 'What dream you talking about?'

'Years back I stood with my best friend and told him of a cherished moment. In a cold winter night say at 3 AM in the morning, I would love to go out for a cup of tea with him by my side.We both had laughed and saw on the horizon our dream taking shape in the womb of time .' 

'You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. There would be so many others pinning  in their hearts these beautiful experiences.' She finished her tea , thanked him for the brief conversation and turned back.

They had realized a beautiful moment together.