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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Summer Tale

Summer Holidays - Google Images
I remember waiting for summers as a kid,
End of school and holidays in bulk
TV , Indoor games ,Comics to start with,
Morning jog , cricket and movies
Grand plans to visit far off cousins,
Excitement doubled up now and then
The days were scorching and hot ,
Yet we had loads of fun.

Summer Holidays - Google Images
Rasna , Icecreams and Cold drinks,
I even won't forget savoring watermelon
Hobby classes and pursuits considered idle,
All became important as none
Clothes of bright colors and light feathers
Had never been fancied more before,
The mercury always headed north,
The hot sun showing lots of tantrums.

Summer Holidays - Google Images
Long spell of afternoon nap,
Coolers running with water up to the brim
Mom made so many dishes,
Friends invited for parties with small funds
Relatives visiting our homes for long stay,
Counting every day and enjoying together
Our world was small and summers large
The summers were indeed pleasure some.

Summer Holidays - Google Images



Bikram said...

ras ki rachna - Rasna .. I remember that.. wowo

summers are here ...


Viveksheel said...

It was after quite a long that i remembered things of the past like Rasna , Indoor Games , Comics etc and sat down to recall what was summers like, in my childhood. Thanks for reading the poem.