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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Divine

He stood on the bridge seeing the water flow, the boats sailing like paper dots and the canvas of the horizon turning lighter. The skies were turning grey and the wind seemed to pick up speed. The skies did portend moderate downpour, though nothing ominous. He knew he had his raincoat and umbrella kept in the car if it became necessary. The driver became aware of the weather and came out with an umbrella in hand. Today he wanted to drench himself in the rains and walk back on his own. He signaled the driver to head back home taking him by surprise. Not in usual senses will someone get wet in an Armani suit.

Man Standing at the Bridge
Man Standing at the Bridge
There are moments when you want to break the shackles and walk with no direction, no objective. Walking in the rains in the finest of clothing, sleeping on terrace floor with arms open, staring at the sky and other things which normally don't make sense. He wanted to question his thoughts, his achievements and his own existence. Where am I in this mad rush? What did I set out to do? And more importantly where did I reach?

It had been a long run over the years. People would term it as twenty years of corporate career but he would add another 25-30 years to the time frame of his starting point. It had been a reasonably good going for him his name plastered over every other magazine and newspaper. People knew him more for his passion and his odd ways and his madness of pursuing everything till the deathbed. He was dexterous, meticulous, dreamer and a showman. Everyone sees dreams but does not know what canvas to paint it on. He knew from his birth that his canvas was the entire humanity and he ought to do justice to this foresight. “Destiny’s Child” – the word he used for himself years back before his father and today his parents get the implication of that loosely said words meant.

The rains poured heavily and the winds were slapping hard on his face. He was a man of steel nerves who could not be moved by calamities that would otherwise make the ordinary mortals weak in their knees.He decided to take a stroll and be at the mercy of the nature. A sense of belonging was coming to him when he walked on those roads. His hard work had transformed lives and added hope to people’s dreams. He had given them a reason to live and an outlook to look differently. He could see through his company he had added value to the society and benefits percolated through multiple avenues.

Do i stop by and applaud over my laurels? Or should i call it a day ? Do I see a new dream? Do I paint a bigger picture? Do I sit and relax or run again?. He stood on the bridge and opened up his arms to the skies. 

'Give me an answer , you have been guiding my life'.

A light splashed and he thought he saw a faint picture among the clouds that blessed him . He bowed and closed his eyes. Years later he will stop by and again ask the divine.