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Sunday, December 04, 2016

I am in love again

When in love announce to the world, blessings come home soon. Family and friends will make it a great feeling to live with, and the heart will know it has found the reason for its existence.

24th June, 2016 is when i saw her for the first time and it was love at first sight. I know i am a married man but have i not been telling my wife for so long that i will have a rocking affair going on soon.  Alas ! i found her after so many years. I dreamt of her , made plans for future even before i knew she was going to come in my life. Was there a thought so dear in the last few years that engrossed me so deeply? Guess not. So when i saw her beautiful face, rosy lips , sparkling eyes and a touch that tickled me to the core, love was committed for life.

Credit: Google Images

Interestingly my new found love is one sided because she has not uttered a word so far. Few mumbling , playful sounds and all smiles is what i get always. Enough for me to come back again and again with a hope that soon she will reciprocate and if not it does not even matter. Such strong is the feeling in love that no cost is dear to be with that special one. I have chosen to pursue my part diligently for the rest of my life and give the best to my sweetheart.

We will go for walks,long drives , movies , theatres , malls, pubs, discos and what not. I intend to give my tooth and nail to be with her at each opportunity. I would want her to sing someday , may be play an instrument , recite some poems , give speeches on a public forum , dance to her heart's will. So many things to discuss between two of us, important decisions to make , ideas to nurture and memories to create. I can't tell how much excited i am, to live for these future events.

So Ladies and Gentleman , Boys and Girls , Young and Old  please join me in welcoming 'Aarna' in our lives. I am proud dad to the world's sweetest girl and commit my life for her well being, happiness and a bright future. No feeling came as close to this one and i want to close my eyes and relish each day as it passes. Aarna i want to tell you today that you are your dad's luck , fortune , happiness and love . God Bless you my angel!



siya said...

Belated birthday wishes dear must have celebrated your first birthday ...lots of love and blessings