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Friday, March 15, 2013

Stop being a sheep in the herd

Perfection is a Journey
Perfection is a Journey
Flocking with the herd might not serve any purpose and even a horse in the crowd will be called a sheep. A very handful of us would ever say that they fight every moment for their honour. Strange isn't it ?? Ask successful men or women,what drives them to strive for success in fields of their occupation? Some wish to be rich, some powerful, others want illustrious positions in life and some seek name and fame. Unless and until the end result puts us high on the societal pedestal and we progress as per Maslow's hierarchy of needs it means nothing.  It's the end result that becomes the connoisseur of all eyes. Never have i seen the society nor its citizens asking for excellence,perfection or honor in the task. Do we recognize services , deeds ,jobs ,vocations that only want the best to serve them and have we created avenues for those illustrious people to pursue their tasks with unrelenting passion?Are we accepting with pride and without prejudice that one has the right to pursue dreams that can set us apart from lesser mortals ? Have we ever thought of adopting a culture that allows exceptional hard work ,unrelenting perseverance , unparalleled  passion ,impeccable  integrity and  mighty visions to nurture ?

These attributes might seem strange and even frivolous to some but let me tell you , there exists a mass that finds virtue in them.Their will is to improve and incrementally improve every moment and gradually reach a plane where only honour matters, only satisfaction returns, only self pride exists and only beaming eyes sparkle.For me as an individual these virtues hold great esteem and may be some of you reading this post would empathize with me. It is the confidence of my parents , the expectation of my wife , the faith of my son , the vindication of my colleagues and my self respect for my own work. It is this personal intangible that i  prize , i defend and that drives me to slog . If this is the reason why i work like crazy then my definition of being successful might not be same as for others. Well if this world would not have defined the end result of all endeavors and laid an aspiration map for us i would have never run this rat race. Since i am there with everyone else i am governed with same set of rules and will get measured with the same 'materialistic yardstick'. Given a chance i will be a part of the different world i mentioned above.

I will propagate and  promote a culture that gives freedom to think , to question , to learn and unlearn , to improve and to set new standards. A learning that does not comes entirely from books but the practical and stark realities of life. A vision that is overwhelming , a task that is daunting and the desire that is all consuming and the search for knowledge that is never ending. My quest to seek solace in whatever little i do continues and my wish to break free from conventions will survive.



Subhorup Dasgupta said...

What a wonderfully uplifting message, Vivek! If each of us makes such a commitment on an ongoing basis, the perfect world is no longer a dream!

Viveksheel said...

Hi Subho !! I have an admirer in you. This post was in draft mode for the past few weeks and finally found time to collate my thoughts and publish it. The intent of this post is quite simple and i.e. to connect with like minded individuals like you and create that "Perfect Community" :);)

Fayaz Pasha said...

Well said Vivek! Its true that a majority of us are in the rat race and unable to enjoy the blessings of life. The purpose of life is a compass that gives direction and helps people to make life more meaningful.

Viveksheel said...

Yes Fayaz since the day we are born we are coerced to do things that have no meaning in real sense. We keep on running in so many directions and chase so many goals that the mind does not understand what the purpose of these acts are. If only we decided to pursue fewer things with double the passion the results will be happily different.