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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Words......Silence.........and You !!

Word, Silence and You Poem
Word, Silence and You
Words,words and a web of words
Hollow and shallow
Weightless and excruciating
Enervating and exhausting
Suffocating and life threatening
Volumes and volumes
Without an essence

And somewhere within myself
Silence and peace
That's energizing
A kind of quietness
That blossoms life

Still mind
That protects me
From the din and the noise
That breathes in me life again
And in those lively moments
Your thoughts filled with love
Yes it's you 'My life' !!

This is my English interpretation of the poem  "शब्द....शांति .....और तुम....."  by Anu.

Please visit her blog

बातें बातें बातें....शब्दों के जाल....
खोखली बातें,बेमतलब की बातें...
भारी भरकम और निरर्थक बातें...
उबाऊ बातें...थकाऊ बातें.. 
घुटन भरी बातें,जानलेवा बातें....
सैकड़ों,हज़ारों बातें.
कोई संवाद नहीं....

और कहीं
एक अबोलापन 
एक शान्ति... जो ऊर्जा देती है
एक गहन शान्ति...
पुनर्जीवित करता सन्नाटा...

जो मेरी रक्षा करती है
इन अंतहीन बातों से..
जो मुझमें जीवन का संचार करती है...
वो "तुम" हो...
तुम ही तो हो....

And Interestingly both of our creations are a manifestation of the original written by Amit Agarwal

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AmitAag said...

..hey thanks a whole lot Sheel for the lovely work you've done! I'm so grateful and honored!...but the hindi version on my blog is a beautiful translation as a favor to me on my request to a blogger friend Anu. My original poem is in English only. However, your version is absolutely wonderful fact my poem has now been blessed with two more sisters, and they have become triplets:) Thanks loadz again for your care and love:):)

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

this was a really interesting experiment, transliterating twice over to spawn a sister in the original language. the beautiful part is that each version has added to the original. like voices by amit, samvad by anu, and essence by you. i hope you will not mind if i share or quote this experiment on my network.

Viveksheel said...

Subhorup !! You know what , i took the hindi version as the original and then interpreted it , while the fact is it was the english version that was written first. As you rightly said all of them have turned out to be different and original in their own sense and this experiment has been really interesting. Please go ahead and share this in your network !! I thoroughly enjoyed this event that happened per chance :):)

AmitAag said...

..I ditto Sheel and agree this will turn out to be an interesting event with your Midas touch Subho:)

expression said...

oh its wonderful..
i'm overwhelmed.......
i'm so very happy to be connected with u people.
thanks amit jee,mr.subhorup and viveksheel.